Friday, July 13, 2018

Episode #180 - "Steel Mongolians" - Show Notes

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Alternate Title: "Nine Fingers of Genius"
  • Tonight's Beverages: Labatt Ice (Dirk); Autopilot (Otto) 
  • Intro boiler plate explanation for our unplanned two-week hiatus. (This is why you subscribe; so the show will be delivered when done.)
  • Birthday greetings to Bob "I'm Gonna Kill Somebody" Koski, the third most cultural vulture. 
  • Our review of Satori Circus' "Stroke" show.
  • Dirk explains his one foray into community theater in the play Angels Fall.
  • Jaime Alexander (Lady Sif from the Thor movies, Hot Topic on Blindspot) sides with Chris Hardwick.
  • Superfan Yvette Nicole Brown (Community) will moderate the two Walking Dead panels at Comic-Con after Hardwick's bowing out.