Thursday, February 27, 2014

Episode #35 - "Fine Pants & Drunk Dialing" - Show Notes

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Alternate Title: "Can't Be Trusted To Not Eat All The Paste"
  • Special Co-Host: Otto the Autopilot
  • Tonight's Beverage: Smirnoff Ice Green Apple (It's time for Smirnoff to start advertising on the show.)
  • Pour out for Harold Ramis' passing.
  • Discussion of our beverage, where Otto buys it, the practical uses of bleeping profanity, and Gwenyth Paltrow. No kidding!
  • Is FaceSpace screwing us and other pages on getting to our fans? These videos strongly imply maybe:

  • A recap of the Erotic Poetry Festival. Check out the Impaler, Dena Luckett, and Jimmy Doom episodes that we did for the run-up to the festival. 
  • Mrs. Otto! Hubba hubba!
  • More discussion of Harold Ramis's passing. Bill Murray had been estranged, but may've patched things up.
  • Roger Hill - Cyrus from The Warriors - also died:
  • A lesson on how potholes are made.
  • Adam Driver from Girls set to be Star Wars villain.
  • The first photos from Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame To Kill For and the disappointment Dirk has had in Robert Rodriguez's works lately.
  • The surprising crowd for NASCAR races.
  • Extensive discussion of the upcoming Oscar's ceremony and the nominated movies. We'd link to Dirk's reviews if he'd written them already.
  • Dirk's Avatar review and rant about the "Unobtanium" speech.
  • Mrs. Otto calls in to 'help.'
  • Ang Lee's career as a bridesmaid and Sofia Coppola's film oeuvre.
  • J.Law! It's not show notes without a J.Law photo!
  • How Disney and Pixar seem to have flipped roles.
  • Dirk's Cars review that was so controversial.
  • A lengthy discussion of Ridley Scott's very uneven career, also contrasted to his brother Tony's.
  • Otto's preference for the original theatrical version of Blade Runner with the "happy ending" and narration.
  • The comparison of the Final Cut and original versions of Zhora's retirement:
  • Dirk and Otto reveal their 1st and 2nd favorite movies.
  • The collected works of Starlog magazine, scanned and posted here. The specific issue that turned on the (dim) light bulb over Dirk's head about filmmaking.
  • The book Dirk never got around to mentioning:

  • A pair of Network scenes referred to:

  • Movie Bob's explanation as to who the Guardians of the Galaxy are.
  •  The Gravity "blooper" shot...

    ...and a taste of how the VFX were done:

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Episode #34 - "Delawhere?" - Show Notes

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Alternate Title: "Impaler vs. Mega-Impaler!"
  • Special Co-Host: Otto the Autopilot
  • Special Guest: The Impaler!
  • Tonight's Beverage: Smirnoff Ice Green Apple (Dirk & Otto); Labatt's Blue (Impaler)
  • Introducing The Impaler and laying out his history of co-hosting the Erotic Poetry Festival with Dirk.
  • Discussion of the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer. Brief additional character profile clips here.
  • Is Zoe Saldana too skinny to be a plausible kick-ass action chick?
  • Linda Hamilton lately:
  • The casting for the Fantastic Four reboot gets kicked around.
  • Being Quirky with Zooey Deschanel.
  • Piper and Doreen from CreepynCute Shop call in to talk up their handmade zombie dolls. Check them out on Facebook and Etsy; follow them on Twitter and Instagram.
  • We beat up the return of The Walking Dead.
  • Separated at birth: Beth and Luna Lovegood?
  • Ellen Page is gay. Settle up your bets.
  • The photo that prompted the bratty Reddit mobs to attack Dirk's mistake about Drew Barrymore's professed sexuality:
  • The Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory.
  • Is Ridley Scott over-rated or wildly inconsistent? We'll discuss this in-depth next week. (Note: Good intentions fill potholes.)
  • Live version of the first song played:
  • The bit of N.W.A.'s "Gangsta Gangsta" that Dirk was rapping. The bit of Too Much Joy's cover of LL Cool J's "That's A Lie" referenced.
  • How Dirk and The Impaler met way back in the day and played basketball and their co-hosting history.
  • The Impaler's musical origins.
  • This picture of K.Stew...

    ....prompts a digression about the Twilight films (EVIL!) and The Vampire Diaries (GOOD!). Also discussion of Dexter, Breaking Bad and The Sopranos.

  • Back to Impaler's music career.
  • Dirk's Three Laws (and One Strong Suggestion) of Band-Naming.
  • The Tropic Thunder reference.
  • Impaler plays the Deep Thoughts Musicians Quiz game!
  • Selena Gomez isn't that hot according to Otto. Da. Fuh.
  • Run-D.M.C. wasn't on before The Hooters at Live Aid, but were the only hip-hop act.
  • A particularly hellish gig Dirk's band played and a scary groupie near-encounter.
  • Oslo mass murderer wants a better videogame system.
  • Muzei Live Wallpaper for Android.
  • Emma Watson wardrobe malfunction:

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Episode #33 - "Report To HR For Discipline" - Show Notes

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Alternate Title: "One-Hour Photo Wall"
  • Special Co-Host: Otto the Autopilot
  • Special Guest: Dena Luckett!
  • Tonight's Beverage: Smirnoff Ice Green Apple
  • Pour outs for Shirley Temple and Sid Ceasar.
  • Kim Wilde's mid-career music is finally available on streaming services.
  • The hot bod video Dirk referred to...

    ...and another with an uncharacteristically tarted up look:
  • Otto's hatred for coffee.
  • Discussion of different Star Trek series and the scene from the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Bride of Chaotica" where Janeway sees what she'll have to wear. (Jump to 5:01 if the video doesn't do it automatically.)
  • Mop-up from last week's show.
  • Dena Luckett arrives to plug her appearance at the Erotic Poetry & Music Festival which is having its 27th edition on February 22. 
  • The photo Dirk took:
  • How she got her start in erotic poetry and how she squares her straight life with her weird life.
  • The Metro Times article with sample poems of Dena's.
  • Dealing with significant others and how true-to-life the material may or may not be.
  • Her writing process and how she creates instant pieces about audience members.
  • Her book and possible re-issue and a reading of select poems.
  • The ruination of Peanuts cartoons.
  • Dena's sexy movie picks (once we get the Katherine Heigl movie out of the way).
  • She's not bad-looking, so why is Heigl so hated?

  • Extensive discussion of sexual harassment. No, really.

  • LaVonne Morgan Mick's outfit when Dirk made his comment:
  • The sad cultural commentary that Reddit's Gone Wild sub makes. (Find your own link.) Darkness ensues.
  • Asia Carrera's bizarre life story.
  • Collective disdain for Stanley Kubrick and infamous casting changes.
  • This is Charlize Theron in the same year!

  • How boring is porn? We discuss it!
  • Dirk vs. eHarmony...WHO YA GOT?!?
  • Quick News Bits: Flappy Birds; Darwin Award Winner!; CW show renewals mean Dirk and Hermione have TV to watch; Top Chef outrage; someone tried to abandon Ubisoft's Watch Dogs trademark; Battlefield 4 is still buggy; EA's shenanigans to manipulate Dungeon Keeper reviews;

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Episode #32 - "Here Comes The Doom" - Show Notes

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Alternate Title: "Epileptic High School Reunion: The Metal Years"
Bonus Alternate Title: "All Apologies"
Bonus Alternate Title #2: "The Toaster in the Bathtub of Radio"
Bonus Alternate Title #3: "Djarum-Filled Basements"
  • Special Co-Host: Otto the Autopilot
  • Special Guest: Jimmy Doom! His Twitter, IMDB page, FaceSpace pages and his sports commentary blog, Victory Charade.
  • Tonight's Beverage: Dirk - Sam Adams Boston Lager; Otto - Smirnoff Ice; Jimmy - Labatt's.
  • Jimmy's approach to the Erotic Poetry Festival which is having its 27th edition on February 22.
  • Poetry performer Lianna T.:

    The movie she and Jimmy were in:
  • Dave Attell's favorite poem
  • Religious dating sites.
  • Roman Polanski vs. Woody Allen and an in-depth defense against the charges against him.
  • The actor who intimidated Jimmy and how he cracked up Morgan Freeman.
  •  How background performers - what we call "extras" - work.
  •  Being a "Ring Hawk."
  • Jimmy's history with Almighty Lumberjacks of Death and why acting is preferable.
  • Botana - a Detroit delicacy
  • Why Jimmy's not in SAG and how David Carradine encouraged him.
  • Music from Watershed, "Black Concert T-Shirt."
  • The ICP video Jimmy appeared in with host Snow Bunnie.
  • The Rock Hard Film Fast music video contest.
  • Somehow Yoko Ono's heritage became an issue of debate.
  • Natalie Tran's Community Channel and examples of how she's progressed from May 2008 to December 2013.

  • Why Jimmy doesn't convert his poetry into a short video series.
  • Good Neighbor Stuff.
  • Paul Reubens vs. Pee-Wee Herman
  • The downside of "actor portrayal" gigs.
  • Jimmy's infamous scene in Kill the Irishman is discussed. The video where it's discussed at the beginning.
  • The grind of multiple takes.
  • Discussion of whether actors for certain characters should be the same as the role, like wheelchair-bound actors for wheelchair-bound character.
  • A rundown of the FIVE(!) movies Jimmy has coming out in the upcoming year.
  • PeTA kills animals. Oh, the irony.
  • Music from Watershed, "Can't Be Myself"
  • Advice for actors and production people to break into the business.
  • The oral history of the making of Swingers.
  • The Long Take featurette from Sin City.
  • Jay Leno wraps up his Tonight Show tenure.
  • Leonard Nimoy has COPD.
  • Nexus 5 is now available in red.
  • Target hacking was caused by a HVAV subcontractor.