Thursday, February 27, 2014

Episode #35 - "Fine Pants & Drunk Dialing" - Show Notes

Download Episode (63MB, Running Time: 2h 17m)

Alternate Title: "Can't Be Trusted To Not Eat All The Paste"
  • Special Co-Host: Otto the Autopilot
  • Tonight's Beverage: Smirnoff Ice Green Apple (It's time for Smirnoff to start advertising on the show.)
  • Pour out for Harold Ramis' passing.
  • Discussion of our beverage, where Otto buys it, the practical uses of bleeping profanity, and Gwenyth Paltrow. No kidding!
  • Is FaceSpace screwing us and other pages on getting to our fans? These videos strongly imply maybe:

  • A recap of the Erotic Poetry Festival. Check out the Impaler, Dena Luckett, and Jimmy Doom episodes that we did for the run-up to the festival. 
  • Mrs. Otto! Hubba hubba!
  • More discussion of Harold Ramis's passing. Bill Murray had been estranged, but may've patched things up.
  • Roger Hill - Cyrus from The Warriors - also died:
  • A lesson on how potholes are made.
  • Adam Driver from Girls set to be Star Wars villain.
  • The first photos from Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame To Kill For and the disappointment Dirk has had in Robert Rodriguez's works lately.
  • The surprising crowd for NASCAR races.
  • Extensive discussion of the upcoming Oscar's ceremony and the nominated movies. We'd link to Dirk's reviews if he'd written them already.
  • Dirk's Avatar review and rant about the "Unobtanium" speech.
  • Mrs. Otto calls in to 'help.'
  • Ang Lee's career as a bridesmaid and Sofia Coppola's film oeuvre.
  • J.Law! It's not show notes without a J.Law photo!
  • How Disney and Pixar seem to have flipped roles.
  • Dirk's Cars review that was so controversial.
  • A lengthy discussion of Ridley Scott's very uneven career, also contrasted to his brother Tony's.
  • Otto's preference for the original theatrical version of Blade Runner with the "happy ending" and narration.
  • The comparison of the Final Cut and original versions of Zhora's retirement:
  • Dirk and Otto reveal their 1st and 2nd favorite movies.
  • The collected works of Starlog magazine, scanned and posted here. The specific issue that turned on the (dim) light bulb over Dirk's head about filmmaking.
  • The book Dirk never got around to mentioning:

  • A pair of Network scenes referred to:

  • Movie Bob's explanation as to who the Guardians of the Galaxy are.
  •  The Gravity "blooper" shot...

    ...and a taste of how the VFX were done:

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