Thursday, May 30, 2013

Episode #9 - "Parisian Pimps & Perilous Plots" - Show Notes

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Alternate Title: "It's Not That You're Gone, It's That You Were Here"

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Episode #8 - "Make Time For Brain Cancer" - Show Notes

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Alternate Title: "Is There Faygo On The Crosses?"

    Thursday, May 16, 2013

    Episode #7 - "Being Stupid Should Hurt" - Show Notes

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    Alternate Title: "KHAAAAAAAAAAN (2.0)"
    • Tonight's special co-host was Otto the Autopilot, filling in for the illin' McHatin.
    • Tonight's beverage: Labatt's Ice.
    • A recap of interesting things from the first day of the Google I/O conference, including the ability to upload your own EPUBs to Play Books and the new Play Music All Access service.
    • The new cloud storage service which is the anti-Dropbox in that they give you 15GB for FREE, but you can get 20GB with this link! You're welcome!
    • EA drops Online Access passes.
    • Miley Cyrus tops the Maxim Hot 100. Dafuq? The actual attractiveness of previous winners is batted about. Dirk's comments on previous Maxim winners:

      2012 - Bar Refaeli - SI Swimbo and Leo ex. Meh. Attractive but bland. Give me #3 Mila Kunis and #4 Katy Perry, please.

      2011 - Rosie Huntington Whiteley - Hot, but not my type. Olivia Munn was #2? Man, that fake nerd thing really lofted her up. #3 was Katy Perry again.

      2010 - Katy Perry - Alrightee then.

      2009 - Olivia Wilde - Absolutely correct choice!

      2008 - Marisa Miller - Another swimbo. Not my type.

      2007 - Lindsay Lohan?!? - That was three years after Mean Girls when she was at her peak hawtness. As PopSugar said, "The year LL finally turned 21 and could legally drink in the states, she was in and out of rehab three times, racking up the DUIs." That's not hot. That 17-year-old cherry bomb in Mean Girls was hot; in 2007 it was starting to be clear she was a loss.

      2005 & 2006 - Eva Longoria - Hella hot, but her increasing insistence on being Queen La Raza makes her ugly.

      2004 - Jessica Simpson, or as I call her, "That waste of a great pair of tits."

      2003 - Christina Aguilera - She must have been thin then. She's had her moments; now she looks like Miss Piggy. 5-foot-tall girls can't pack on 30 pounds, mmmkay?

      2002 - Jennifer Garner - Really? She's always struck me as a sorta cuteish girl, but the only time she looked hot to me was when she was dressed in rubber as a spy hooker on Alias.

      2001 - Jessica Alba - Yep.

      2000 - Estella Warren - Was Planet of the Apes that much of a boost for her? I see the appeal, but times were different judging from the runners-up. It's always amusing to see chicks you've long forgotten enjoying their 15 minutes.
    • Angelina Jolie's decision to have pre-emptive breast surgery and everyone's reaction to it.
    • The guy who lost his life savings trying to win an Xbox Kinnect and only won a Rasta Banana.
    • How Nikita has a better hard drive McGuffin than Skyfall.
    • What Maggie Q looks like for the benefit of Otto.
    • A discussion of the opening titles of the James Bond series.
    • Music by Eminem (sorta) and Natalie Portman & Lonely Island.
    • The career of Morgan Freeman and how he orders fast food.
    • Oblivion's ridiculousness is kicked around. Dirk's review.
    • How killjoys get snooty about "impossible" things in sci-fi movies as their disbelief suspension peters out.
    • The upcoming Motor City Comic-Con and how Otto is geeked to meet Stan "The Man!" Lee.
    • Star Trek Into Darkness and the big secret about who Benedict Cumberbatch is revealed along with what the story is basically a remake of, so [SPOILER ALERT]. Dirk's review.
    • Panic or Pain drop by to talk up their upcoming show and play the Deep Thoughts Musicians Quiz game.

    Thursday, May 9, 2013

    Episode #6 - "Coffee At The Y" - Show Notes

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    Alternate Title: "Angry Hate Time" 
    • Tonight's beverage: Cerveza Tecate.
    • Photos from the Zombie Apocalypse party which we recapped. 
    • The passing of Ray Harryhausen and movies made in Italy and the difference between stop-motion animation and animation in general.
    • McHatin having "coffee at the Y" while his girlfriend played a videogame and why Dirk refuses to play games with Hermione.
    • The place for videogame deals is Cheap Ass Gamer.
    • More next Xbox rumors.
    • Music by Kutiman - "I'm New".
    • Free Comic Book Day recap and Dirk's encounter with Ernest Dickerson.

    • Hard to believe he's 61. Picture in the attic?
    • Discussion of Limitless. Dirk's review.
    • A brief discussion of Iron Man 3 because McHatin really hated it and we can't discuss it without spoilers. Dirk's review. Tune in next week for the real beatdown.
    • Discussion of movie theater etiquette.
    • Ender's Game prompts a discussion whether you can make a Mozart if you grab them and train them mercilessly.
    • Reese Witherspoon wanders in and joins the discussion of movie theater behavior, Skyfall and the bad shape the Bond series is in.
    • Reese quizzes the hosts about their opinions of Prometheus and Ted
    • The surprisingly dark humor of Bob Saget. Really.
    • Music by Das Racist - "Rapping 2 U (feat. Lakutis)".
    • Dirk finishes up last week's discussion of Orphan Black and praises its star, Tatiana Maslany.
    • The perils of getting into shows that then get cancelled plus some quick thoughts on various TV shows.

    Thursday, May 2, 2013

    Episode #5 - "We Control The Horizontal" - Show Notes

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    Alternate Titles: "Set Controls For the Heart of the...Whoops!" or "Beer: Making Men Brave Since Forever"
    • We were self-engineering the show so if you can hear anything, you're welcome. 
    • Tonight's adult beverage: Third Shift beer.
    • Our anticipation for Iron Man 3- which we were going to check out after the show - and the controversy about the special Chinese edition kicks things off.
    • McHatin's aversion to watching the TV version of Game of Thrones is revisited and we discuss the past couple of episodes. The odd modesty of Gwendoline Christie - who looks like this off and on the clock....

      ...steers us into a discussion of the looks of women in Sweden and Italy.
    • If Game Of Thrones took place entirely on Facebook: Season 3, Episode 5.
    • Oh, hey...Iron Man 3 discussion. The demands for a Chinese actor to play the Mandarin leads to a discussion of how superhero movies are cast and a history lesson for how the first Iron Man movie was cast.
    •  Music from Cibo Matto and Handsome Boy's Modeling School.
    • Proper movie theater etiquette and a comparison of 2nd-run movie houses.
    • Mila Kunis being named FHM's Sexiest Woman leads seamlessly to the death of one of the Kriss Kross guys (no, it didn't cause it!) and how he should be buried and a unique burial method McHatin say online.
    • Spec Ops: The Line and how games have DLC and tacked-on multi-player leads to a long digression about modern shooter games.
    • An interview with a couple putting on a zombie-themed charity event and a sound thrashing of Andrea of the Walking Dead.
    • Dirk's lukewarm opinion of G.I. Joe: Retaliation prompts waaaaay too much blather.
    • Chris Smith calls in to join the nerdery. (It would've helped if he'd seen what we're talking about.)
    • The awesome Pacific Rim trailer...

      ...leads into a discussion of Guillermo Del Toro's career and whether Pan's Labyrinth was misleadingly advertised.
    • Dirk starts explaining why people should watch Orphan Black but this will have to be finished next week because he managed to steer off the road and never made it back. Sigh...
    • TV shows that make mid-season course corrections like this season's Supernatural.
    • McHatin's heresy against Star Trek is cause for consternation. 
    • The Blu-ray set referenced in the discussion of The Player:

    • The date of Ice Cube's "good day" was determined to be January 20, 1992 according to this.