Thursday, May 9, 2013

Episode #6 - "Coffee At The Y" - Show Notes

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Alternate Title: "Angry Hate Time" 
  • Tonight's beverage: Cerveza Tecate.
  • Photos from the Zombie Apocalypse party which we recapped. 
  • The passing of Ray Harryhausen and movies made in Italy and the difference between stop-motion animation and animation in general.
  • McHatin having "coffee at the Y" while his girlfriend played a videogame and why Dirk refuses to play games with Hermione.
  • The place for videogame deals is Cheap Ass Gamer.
  • More next Xbox rumors.
  • Music by Kutiman - "I'm New".
  • Free Comic Book Day recap and Dirk's encounter with Ernest Dickerson.

  • Hard to believe he's 61. Picture in the attic?
  • Discussion of Limitless. Dirk's review.
  • A brief discussion of Iron Man 3 because McHatin really hated it and we can't discuss it without spoilers. Dirk's review. Tune in next week for the real beatdown.
  • Discussion of movie theater etiquette.
  • Ender's Game prompts a discussion whether you can make a Mozart if you grab them and train them mercilessly.
  • Reese Witherspoon wanders in and joins the discussion of movie theater behavior, Skyfall and the bad shape the Bond series is in.
  • Reese quizzes the hosts about their opinions of Prometheus and Ted
  • The surprisingly dark humor of Bob Saget. Really.
  • Music by Das Racist - "Rapping 2 U (feat. Lakutis)".
  • Dirk finishes up last week's discussion of Orphan Black and praises its star, Tatiana Maslany.
  • The perils of getting into shows that then get cancelled plus some quick thoughts on various TV shows.

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