Thursday, August 7, 2014

Episode #54 - "Everything's Rapey!" - Show Notes

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Alternate Title: "It's Not Ramen"
  • Tonight's Beverages: Labatt Ice (Dirk); Jim Beam and Angry Orchard Hard Cider (Otto).
  • Dirk vs. Jim Beam.
  • Dirk got Netflix (welcome to 2011, buddy) and talks about it; finally catching The Clone Wars and discussing whether binge-watching is killing television
  • Krysten Ritter. (That growling sound Roy Orbison makes):
  • Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apt 23 - Correct Episode Order
  • Dirk's ridiculous DVD/BD collection bought for cheap.
  • Origin FREE On-the-House game for August is Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger, a 20-year-old title with cut scenes starring Mark Hamill, Malcolm McDowell, Tom Wilson, Ginger Lynn Allen and more. Save $5! (Deal good thru Sept. 3, 2014.)

  • Album available for free to Amazon Prime Music users; not on Play All-Access:
  • We do a spoiler-free review of Guardians of the Galaxy. (Dirk's full review.) We'll do a full spoiler nerd deconstruction in a few weeks.
  • Not the way she looks in Guardians of the Galaxy (i.e. not green), but Zoe Saldana is still muy caliente!

  • Discussion of Dirk's reviews of Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage, Broadway Idiot (Dirk's review of the stage show), I Am Divine and John Waters: This Filthy World
  • Until doing these show notes, Dirk had no idea this video even existed! (Imagine what's happening now that he'll catch on to in 26 years.)

  • Discussion of Satori Circus' show, "...poems we tell ourselves..." held last weekend. Some photos:

  • Restaurant reviews for Zenith and Rock City Eatery. (BTW, Zenith is in the SE corner of the Fisher Building.)
  • The surprising album that strippers Otto used to DJ for would request.
  • This is a hate crime (according to SJWs):
  • iPhone 6 announcement date announced.
  • Amelia Bedelia Wikipedia hoax article.
  • An interesting article about prop money for movies and Dirk's close encounter with high school counterfeiting. 
  • Breaking primary election news.
  • A hotel allegedly attempts to fine people $500 for leaving bad reviews. Internet does what Internet does.
  • RIP Dick Wagner (Alice Cooper guitarist) and Dick Smith (SFX makeup pioneer).
  • What's new, pussycat Ripley?
  • The Orlando Bloom-Justin Bieber sissy fight.
  • Very cool bracket for cell phones. It will hold even huge phablets like the Galaxy Note 3.
  • Waze navigation app sucks.

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