Friday, November 6, 2015

Episode #105 - "Inside Out with Lynda Mandolyn" - Show Notes


Alternate Title: "2-1/3 Years A Podcast"

  • NOTES NOTE: This is a long-form interview/profile/retrospective of Lynda Mandolyn, the prolific musician who was part of bands including Inside Out, Fabulous Disaster, Tiger Bomb and about a dozen more as well as a friend of Dirk's since they met in high school.

    Since it's not about stories and topics of discussion like an usual episode, the usual piles of links and whatnot will be missing. Instead there will be general notes of what is discussed in a particular segment and the songs played. 
  • Intro explaining what this episode will be like.
  • First Music Break: Inside Out, "Love Letter Bomb"
  • How Dirk and Lynda met in school.
  • Her first exposure to music and seeing The Go-Go's on SNL.
  • The formation of Inside Out, their first show and getting an indie record deal.
Inside Out circa 1987. (Lynda on left)
  • Second Music Break: Inside Out, "Cliques That Click" and "Take Away The Pain"
  • First tour of Europe, recording a BBC Peel Session, the beginning of the end.
  • Third Music Break: Inside Out, "Share My Misery" and "Loss For Words"
Inside Out circa 1994. (Photo by Ewolf)
  • The end of Inside Out, her relocation from Detroit to San Francisco, meeting her husband, starting Evil Eye Records.
  • Fourth Music Break: Lickity Click, "Sweet Young Thing"; Loomer, "Viperine"
  • Her San Fransisco years: Piston; Fabulous Disaster, signing to Fat Wreck Chords' Pink & Black imprint, world tours. 
Fabulous Disaster circa 2001 (Photo by Serge Vladimiroff)
  • Fifth Music Break: Fabulous Disaster, "Gia" and "The Other Day"; Emulsion, "She Orbits"
  • Emulsion, Girl Band, Sassy!!!, Fabulous Disaster breaks up, her mother dies, Sorryeverafter.
  • An interview with Beer Melodies when Panty Raid came out.
Fabulous Disaster in 2005 (Photo by Char Crail)
  • Sixth Music Break: Girl Band, "I'm The One"; Sassy!!!, "So Bad It's Good"; Sorryeverafter, "Honey Girl"
  • Lynda's wild day spent with Courtney Love. (THE BEST STORY EVER!) 
  • Relocating to Portland, ME, Wild Butterflies and Tiger Bomb.
Sassy!!! in 2007 (Photo by Neil Motteram)
  • Seventh Music Break: Wild Butterflies, "Adeline"; Tiger Bomb, "Don't Forget The Girl"
  • Talk of sexism; would she have made it if she'd stayed in Detroit; changes in communications and the music industry; her place in the pantheon of female musicians.
Sorryeverafter circa 2011 (Photo by Serge Vladimiroff)
  • The Deep Thoughts Musicians Quiz game.
  • Final thoughts.
Inside Out hanging out in July 2015.
(L-R) Lynda Mandolyn (guitar/vox), Cathy Carrell (drums), Karen Neal (bass/vox)
Selfie in August 2015.

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