Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Welcome to Culture Vultures!

[UPDATED June 5, 2021] This is the official blog and show notes archive for Culture Vultures with Dirk Belligerent & Otto the Autopilot which used to be a podcast (last episode: July 2018) and is now a YouTube channel (first video: May 2021). 

Select episodes are still available for download via the usual suspects and ALL episodes can be downloaded directly from their respective show notes pages. 

In case we do a final farewell episode, go ahead and subscribe to the podcast via your favored method:

If you enjoy our show, please consider supporting us at Patreon to get early access to episodes plus exclusive bonus content:  Become a Patron! Future support options TBD.

Since audience feedback/interaction/questions/comments/recipes are welcomed, please follow and contact us via these methods: FacebookTwitter E-mail : CVRadio313@gmail.com  

Please share us with your friends (or enemies) because we don't want to be just your little secret; we want to be everyone's little secret. Thanks for listening!  

Our theme song is "Caper" by Def Ref:  
Interview Episode Guide: The list of shows with guest conversations. Latest Update: May 13, 2016.

The Culture Vultures Lexicon: A guide to some of the lingo and recurring references which may baffle new listeners.

Production Notes For Recording Nerds: How the show is produced for hardcore behind-the-scenes types (like those who bought the Production Diaries DVDs from Peter Jackson's King Kong).

The #GamerGate Episode Guide is our running list of episodes with significant content about the consumer revolt against media corruption and how it pertains to broader media-cultural situations. (Also includes episodes discussing the Google Diversity Memo and the media lying about that.) Latest Update: August 11, 2017


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