Friday, September 8, 2017

Episode #157 - "A Drunken Panda with a Flamethrower" - Show Notes

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Alternate Titles: "The Huggy Bear of NCIS: Hamtramck" or "Dance Floor In Your Bomb Shelter"
Unused Alternate Titles: "White Castle of Music" or "An Inconclusive Conclusion" or "Extended Dance Mix Show" or "Trading Kate Upton To Houston" or "She Makes Her Own Gravy" or "You Will Not Insult The Magic Trolley" or "Detriot" or "I Guess It's Better Than Entourage" or "We're Having Tryouts" or  or "Punching Bag of Music" or "Flopdoo" or "About as Sharp as a Sack of Wet Mice" or "Fight People at the Bike Racks After School" or "Cthulu Is Her Bitch" or "Like Clone Club, But Hot" or "Toodle Loo" or "Adult Rock" or "That's For People Who Like Vinyl"

TINFOIL SWAN Episode #4-157 Show Notes (normally exclusively for our Patreon supporters, this one is FREE FOR ALL, so go cherkitert at the link!):

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