Thursday, October 3, 2013

Episode #21 - "Grand Theft Dirk" - Show Notes

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Alternate Title: "Really Living Without It"
  • Tonight's Beverages: Water and diet iced green tea for Dirk; nothing McHatin.
  • The sad story of Dirk's car being stolen and the damage done.
  • The remains of the steering wheel with the club still on it.
  • McHatin unfriended Dirk, so we revisit some of the hot babes he wouldn't date because they're 6 years older.
  • Non-discussion of the Dexter finale and slight discussion of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and other shows, new and old.
  • The lethal motivation trope of hero's journey.
  • Edward Snowden, the surveillance state, and the weird demands for privacy from a society that's constantly oversharing.
  • McHatin tries to turn the moped discussion back onto Dirk with little success.
  • Dirk doesn't like Natalie Portman (top) but likes Keira Knightly despite them looking very similar:

  • The sorry state of rap music these days and Dirk's sorta connection to LL Cool J.
  • The troubles with the launch of GTA V Online and Dirk's helicopter troubles leads into a discussion of tough spots in games and their videogaming histories.
  • Dirk's Xbox Achievement milestones:

    December 2009, after 3 years 8 months, hit 10,000.

    December 2012, after 3 years 8 days more, hit 15,000.
  • The BS way the media blames violent incidents on videogames.
  • Steam news: Family sharing, SteamOS, Steam Machines (aka Steamboxes), the radical new Steam Controller, and why Dirk thinks Valve's fanboys are almost as uncritical as Apple's iHerds. Time magazine: 7 Big, Unanswered Questions About SteamOS and Steam Machines.
  • Battlefield 3 cheaters and Punkbuster fail.
  • Quick movie talk about Parker, Pain & Gain, The Purge, Europa Report (all Dirk reviews to come) and Dead in Tombstone.
  • The source articles for Pain & Gain at the Miami New Times.
  • We tease a topic that we may not actually do in the future.
  • End Note: McHatin finally discovered that some Iranian blogger was pitching Persian princes, not a prince trying to lobby for the gig.

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