Thursday, September 26, 2013

Episode #20 - "The Moped Theory" - Show Notes

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Alternate Title: "No Blondes, No Dogs, No Irish"
  • Tonight's Beverages: Water and diet iced green tea for Dirk; nothing McHatin.
  • Discussion of various stand-up comics throughout history prompted by the thesis that Louis C.K. is wildly overrated.
  • The One True God subreddit which worships Nicolas Cage.
  • McHatin's bizarrely strict parameters for dating based on age and hair color which means he wouldn't date any of these women because they're too old, too blonde, or too young and blonde:

    Yeah, Dirk was shocked, too.
  • Quick reactions to the premiere of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 
  • Music of Mojo Nixon and The Luckouts.
  • The Luckouts dropped by to talk about their new CD, their musical backgrounds and to play the Deep Thoughts Musicians Quiz game.
  • Cherkiterts: The Age of Ra (The Pantheon Trilogy) (McHatin); Lazarus: Form Recovery for Firefox and Chrome.

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