Thursday, April 24, 2014

Episode #41 - "Grindhouse Jesus" - Show Notes

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Alternate Title: "A Gathering of Vultures"
  • Special Co-Hosts: Otto the Autopilot AND Bob Koski.
  • Tonight's Beverage: First the unnamed (until they pay up) beverage, then an assortment of Polish beers:
  • An example of how Klaus on The Originals talks:
  • Daniel Gillies in Spider-Man 2. Fun Fact: He's married to Rachel Leigh Cook!
  • Party announcement for Otto's brother, "Big Sexy," and musical music bar names chairs.

  • A review of Ben Stiller's The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Most of the important bits are in this extended trailer:
  • The controversy about this week's Game of Thrones and people suddenly being shocked and offended.
  • The DJ who got fired for playing "Blurred Lines" and the continuing double-standards of the grievance mongers.
  • The long-lost singer Poe. Here's a couple of videos from her first album and a great track from her second:

  • Amazon gets exclusives on older HBO shows, but Android users are still screwed.
  • XCOM Enemy Unknown available on Android for $10 but spoiled Reddit brats aren't happy.
  • The results of a bunch of Zimbio quizzes on FaceSpace.

  • Polish beer pronunciation.
  • J.Law Smurfette (or Mystique)?
  • The Strong Bad email videos reference:

  • The referenced bit about the Greeks is at 3:40:
  • Discussion of the article explaining why CDs are better than vinyl.
  • Dirk's encounter with Johnny Rotten. The record (the reviews are from people who are high):
  • We FINALLY have the long-promised discussion about the double-standards Hollywood has about transgressions and how some careers seem dead for minor events while felonies aren't a problem.
  • This is a nuke-u-lar scientist:
  • Pronouncing foreign names.
  • The Mary Elizabeth Winstead photo:

  • The contrast between comments by Kirsten Dunst and Felicia Day about traditional male-female roles.

  • The Mission: Impossible 2 reference.
  • Faux outrage from people over guys lusting for celeb hotties leads to a showdown between J.Law and Lauren Cohan and other pop culture women.
  • Male middle names for women.
  • The actual Denis Leary quote from Demolition Man.
  • Yeep! It's Mac Tonight!
  • The Eva Longoria photo. Schwing!
  • Odds & Ends: Shane McGrath (bka Shane Bang or Mr. Lushes LaMoan) named one of America’s Top 25 bartenders by The Daily Meal; a list of every videogame made, all 43,804+ of them; Tila Tequila is pregnant; Lindsay Lohan had a miscarriage; Katy Perry loses Katy Perry trivia (see below); Jodie Foster got married. (Yes, to a woman.)

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