Thursday, April 10, 2014

Episode #39 - "Boobs Are Good Food" - Show Notes

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Alternate Titles: "Gateway To Ashtabula" or "The Arch Knight Returns"
  • Special Co-Host: Otto the Autopilot
  • Tonight's Beverage: No more plugs until the money shows, "Yakov."
  • We open with a bunch of false promises as to what we'll cover and reflections on our first year of Random Access Talk.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, Lauren Cohan, Maggie from The Walking Dead!
  • Not the photo of Korea's Wonder Girls (go to the FaceSpace page to see the gift), but a photo:
  • Discussion of Dredd's poor movie grosses and the weirdness of ratings where constant heavy (bloodless) violence is PG-13, but a few F-bombs get a R-rating.

  • The false advertising poster of Lena Dunham (second from right):

    ...vs. the real Lena:

    BTW, we spared you the full-body view of this bikini she wore on Girls. You're welcome.
  • Topless woman tearing up a McDonald's. (NSFW. Duh.)

  • Translating personal ad code.
  • What Otto and Dirk did instead of the show last week including anniversary activities and a smartphone-powered vacation. This takes a while.

  • The difference between a fedora and a Trilby.
  • Congrats to CreepyNCute Shop winning Best Local Etsy Store from the Metro Times Best of Detroit 2014 issue.
  • Sorry, but the best Vines compilation mentioned appears to have been taken down, so we can't post the skit.
  • Dirk's photo of the Warhol Museum:
  • For those keeping score, this was the 4th episode in a row where we didn't get to the Hollywood double-standard topic. Sigh...
  • Driving in Pittsburgh = yikes!

  • Some non-spoiler talk about Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Come back next week for the full teardown.
  • Otto's disciplinary style.

  • General Zod in Man of Steel before his armor is added via VFX:
  • Dirk's We Will Rock You review.
  • Thoughts on the season finale of The Walking Dead; the series finale Being Human (US version); the season finale of Lost Girl; the kickoff of S4 of Game of Thrones and the BS article on Gizmodo saying complainers are moochers.
  • The hilarious If Game of Thrones Took Place Entirely on Facebook recaps.
  • Natalie Dormer's HAWT shaved look:
  • Playing Rock Band with Otto's friend.
  • Odds & Ends: Valerie Bertenelli gains weight; they're killing Archie in the ironically-titled Life with Archie comic; Joan Jett rumored to front Nirvana in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction (UPDATE: It happened with Jett, Kim Gorden, St. Vincent and Lorde taking a tune each), but why isn't Pat Benatar in there; and ScarJo doesn't like being called ScarJo. Wah.
  • We announce a contest.
  • Obligatory J.Law picture from Otto:

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