Thursday, March 27, 2014

Episode #38 - "It Comes In Spurts" - Show Notes

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Alternate Title: "Prosetry" or "We're Gonna Need A Bigger Swear Jar"
  • Special Co-Host: Otto the Autopilot
  • Tonight's Beverage: Same stuff we've been drinking for weeks, but aren't going to mention until that sponsorship comes in. Chop chop, Smiroff! Wait, dammit!
  • Whoops! Wrong episode number giving at the start. D'oh!
  • Dirk's high school days.
  • The vast improvement Cop Out was on Blu-ray over the movie. DirkFlix review of the movie and Blu-ray.
  • Discussion of A Band Called Death and Anvil: The Story of Anvil, one of Dirk's Favorite Movies of 2009.
  • Mop-up from last week's show about Intelligence, why Brett Ratner directed X-Men 3, and the writer of Enslaved.
  • Quick discussion of Judge Dredd and Dredd.

  • Movie trailer discussion:

  • Music by Red September - "Killjoy" (Radio Edit version without the swear word.)
  • A 50-minute interview with local author Pete Wurdock about the Kickstarter for his book 2 Guitars, Bass & Drums - The History of the Dondero Pop Concert documenting the history of the Royal Oak Dondero High School Pop Concert which he and Dirk both played for in the early-'80s. We discuss his post-high school career and share tales of our musical (mis)adventures while being heckled by our choir director via FaceSpace comments.
  • A partial archive of Pop Concert recordings. In the 1983 Concert - the only one of the three Dirk performed in that's available - he played on rhythm guitar on "Foolin'" for sure and probably the lead on "Hard To Say I'm Sorry." Can't recall 100% if he's lead on "Last Chance."
  • The video featuring Pete and other Dondero alumni that narrowly lost on MTV's Basement Tapes:
  • Dirk hypes up Watershed again.The book: Hitless Wonder. The latest album: Brick & Mortar.
  • Sorry about the so-so audio quality, but the video is so brilliant we wanted that more:
  • Origin PC game service starting thing called On The House where they give away games. First one is Dead Space and it's free until May 8, so go get some. ADD LINK
  • Microsoft Office 365 is now free on Android. Go get some more!
  • Amazon is rumored to be starting a new streaming service or making a set-top box, triggering another Dirk rant about their blackballing of Android.
  • Rumors about rebooting Indiana Jones with Bradley Cooper and possible methods to make it work.
  • Anti-videogame and anti-gun California State Senator Leland Yee is charged with some serious gunrunning.
  • The Internet brouhaha over Occulus Rift being bought by Facebook. Voices against: NY Times; Bloomberg; Boing Boing; Notch. Voices for: Extreme Tech; Jim Sterling.
  • A little more Pop Concert talk.
  • The soundalike hits by P!nk and The Veronicas:

  • For Otto:
  • Quick Hits: Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin split - aka "conscious uncoupling"(try and be strong); the brilliant way Titanfall is dealing with cheaters; Andrew W.K. was a teen model(?!) and the proof is here; Adam West trolls his local phone book (West is 85 years old); unsafe speeds caused Paul Walker's deadly crash; Karmin has a new album (try and be strong); the new Pretty Reckless album;and the next two videos:

  • Social Fixer no longer tells you when people unfriend you on FaceSpace.
  • Taking a break from the gratuitous photos of J.Law for this gratuitous photo of Monica Booblucci:

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