Thursday, March 20, 2014

Episode #37 - "Minor Differences of Opinion" - Show Notes

Download Episode (63MB, Running Time: 2h 19m)

Alternate Title: "Dropped Off at Van Dyke & Harper"
  • Special Co-Host: Otto the Autopilot
  • Tonight's Beverage: Smirnoff Ice Green Apple (Still waiting for that sponsorship, Smirnoff.)
  • The disagreements begin immediately as to the merits of Tom Waits as strip club music.
  • The disconnect between how many people are listening vs. interacting via the FaceSpace page. Come on by and say hello!
  • Tons of mop-up from last week's show.
  • RIP Hal Douglas:
  • Oscar nominees with their younger selves via Photoshop magic.

  • The first 11 minutes of Captain America: The Winter Soldier were briefly online, so we talk about it. (No link available now.)
  • The From Dusk Till Gone: The Series series (is this grammatically correct?) is touched upon.
  • The extra-fun kiddie murder episode of The Walking Dead and speculation about the season finale.

  • SNL's Rosetta Stone spoof.
  • Is David Lynch's Dune misunderstood? Dig the lasers coming out of the Guild Navigator's butt in the clip there.
  • Learn about Alan Smithee here.
  • Maggie Q at the Divergent premiere:
  • A discussion of whether third movies in series suck.
  • A big digression into Xanadu on our way to X-Men with a detour into Pixar losing the plot and whether Disney is evil.
  • How John Carter's trailers killed the movie. ADD LINK
  • Talk about Iron Man 2.
  • The stunning revelation about someone's negative feelings about Terminator 2 which pretty much derails the show.

  • Dirk's Roku and the fragmented experience in streaming, especially Amazon's refusal to support Android for video.
  • The mindlessness of iTards. 
  • Jimquisition: Why PS4 is Beating Xbox One’s Arse.
  • Google stopped underlining links.
  • Enslaved: Odyssey to the West video game and Lindsey Shaw who plays Trip in the game as well as Emily's girlfriend Paige on Pretty Little Liars:

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