Thursday, June 12, 2014

Episode #47 - "A Flare Into A Wipe" - Show Notes

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Alternate Titles: "Jennifer Garner Stakeout" and "Drowning In Black T-Shirts"
  • Tonight's Beverages: Crown Royal and water.
  • Dirk's birthday (yay!) and details of his illness last week (boo!)and the value of generic drugs.
  • Mop up about the Otto's smell; sloppy diction; smartphone powered vacation and Hermione's love for Long John Silver's hush puppies; the passing of a Silicon Valley actor
  • The parts of Death Race 2000 mentioned are at 5:28 (boobs) and 11:55 (Miss Togar boobs under hair bra) and 12:51 (gimp Darth Vader):
  • Epic squirreling as a point about Reddit veers into Dirk's hobby of searching for movie/TV locations leading to Canadian football. We don't know how it happens either and we'll have to get back to the Reddit part next week.
  • Otto's upcoming trip to Boston for Walker Stalker Con leads to a dedication:
  • Ant-Man names Payton Reed (Bring It On, The Break-Up) director with Adam McKay (Anchorman, The Other Guys) doing rewrites.WTF, Marvel?
  • Dirk's Scott Pilgrim vs. the World review and his commentary Attack of the Johnny One-Notes.
  • Tee Fury t-shirts.
  • They're remaking Stargate and Cliffhanger for some reason.
  • More Star Wars: Episode VII casting news and set photos are leaking; plus J.J. Abrams tweaks the fans with a tweet.
  • Dead people from Avatar will be back for the three sequels because of course.
  • Casting news for the Daredevil TV series.
  • Vigorous debate over box office takes.
  • Discussion of the lousily-title Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman fashions, where Ben and Jen are staying, and whether corporate welfare for Hollywood is a good idea. 
  • The controversial comments about She-Hulk and Martian Manhunter by David Goyer: The original Scriptnotes show - the She-Hulk crap starts at 33:00 and came up in a discussion about rebooting characters and they'd been talking about Hulk. The transcript is here and if you search for "One of my very first jobs" you'll be at the start of the passage. If you jump to 38:40 you can hear Goyer's slagging of Martian Manhunter. EW's coverage; Mazin's "apology";some WaPo feminist missing the point according the comments; Time magazine's coverage.
  • Movie Bob's excellent primer on She-Hulk that Mazin and Goyer should watch in atonement. 
  • Dirk's thoughts on All-Star Superman and Justice League: Doom.
  • Some quick thoughts about E3 2014. Sunset Overdrive trailer and gameplay:

    Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX plus Alpha!

    Halo: The Master Chief Collection:

    Rise of the Tomb Raider:

    Grand Theft Auto V for next-gen and PC:
  • Dirk's review of Edge of Tomorrow is discussed.
  • Odds & Ends: Tracy Morgan critically injured in auto accident; barely-known actor commits Roman Polanski's crime, but probably won't get the same treatment; the director of Mannequin died as did Alice from The Brady Brunch and Rik Mayall from The Young Ones and Drop Dead Fred; Halle Berry has to pay hefty child support; Bill Watterson, the reclusive creator of Calvin & Hobbes, secretly collaborated on three Pearls Before Swine strips and here's the story of how it happened; LeVar Burton is bringing Reading Rainbow back via Kickstarter; Gwenyth Paltrow believes we can hurt water's feelings; why is everyone in porn called a "star"; and Speed came out 20 years ago.

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