Thursday, May 29, 2014

Episode #46 - "Sex Week With Otto" - Show Notes

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Alternate Titles: "A Huge Dinner of Meat" or "Not Above Slumming"
  • Tonight's Beverages (not mentioned on air): Heineken (Dirk); Crown Royal and pop (Otto).
  • Presentation of gifts commemorating Otto's co-hosting the most shows.
  • Mop up about the Shat episode last week; how long Chris Claremont wrote X-Men; Desmond Crisis (which was in last week's show notes). 
  • Dirk reviews HBO's Silicon Valley.
  • The stunning crash and burn of Semi Precious Weapons as they changed from this... this:

    Zoiks! This is the first time Dirk saw them in June 2008 (segment runs from 6:00-8:12):

    This is the original release of their debut album; the one you want; BUY THIS:
  • The part with the story about cleaning the kitchen starts at 10:00:
  • Edgar Wright has left the Ant-Man project and how James Gunn and Joss Whedon reacted.
  • A preview of a future discussion over David Goyer and Craig Mazin's comments about Martian Manhunter and She-Hulk.
  • How most movies do 3D wrong because they don't adapt to the needs of the format. James Cameron explains what Hollywood is doing wrong.
  • Otto reviews the new Godzilla. Discussion ensues.
  • How cute Shelly Long was in Caveman and how Janeane Garofalo was cuter than Uma Thurman in The Truth About Cats & Dogs.
  • Dirk reviews X-Men: Days of Future Past. Discussion ensues.

  • Dirk talks about his trip to Western Michigan last week staying at Castle in the Country, Allegan, MI:

    The room:

    The weather the whole time:

    Miss Abby, post-heavy winter feeding:
  • Restaurants discussed: Casa Real in Otsego (Mexican, excellent and cheap); Salt of the Earth in Fennville (hippie foodie crap, way overpriced, avoid); Stella's Lounge in Grand Rapids (burgers & beer, excellent, fun, cheap); Ciao Amici's in Brighton (Italian, excellent, reasonably pricey).
    The burger from Stella's:

    The burrito from Casa Real:
  • The Frederick Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids.

    Now that's a big horse:

    The book on the making of it:

  • Odds & Ends: Bill Murray crashes a bachelor party; Led Zeppelin is being sued for stealing the riff from "Stairway To Heaven"; the "father of G.I. Joe" passed away; legendary pinup photographer Bunny Yeager diedMacklemore performed in an anti-Semitic costume; Kimye get married and the NY Post takes hilarious note; Emma Watson graduates college

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