Thursday, January 29, 2015

Episode #74 - "Drug Dogs or A&R Guys?" - Show Notes

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Alternate Title: "Fant-Four-Stic"
  • Tonight's Beverages: Diet Mountain Dew (Dirk); Jim Beam with a splash of Diet Mountain Dew (Otto).
  • Previewing Otto's trip to San Francisco for Walker Stalker Con.
  • Mop-up: Yahtzee's reaction to PC Gamer stepping in it; Thunderf00t's response to the violent unhinged Prom Queen Sarkeesian fan; liberal rage escalates even more over American Sniper being successful, especially compared to anti-American movies.
  • Updates on the Hayley Jane and Pete Wurdock Kickstarter projects and Dirk goes over his word count a bit.
  • Dirk's super inexpensive Superman Blu-rays arrived from England and Warner Bros gave him a bunch of free digital movies.
  • 1st Music Break:
  • What Tegan & Sara look like:
  • The minor difference in laptop key size that's messing Dirk up.
  • Windows 10 unveiled and has a heavy videogame name flava. As predicted last week, it'll be free.
  • Casting news for Disney's live-action Beauty & the Beast; the new female Ghostbusters; Supergirl (who has some pr0n in her past); David Tennant (two Doctor Whos back) to be the villain on AKA Jessica Jones; the new Jean Grey, Cyclops and Storm for X-Men: Apocalypse.
  • The diss scene from Girls referenced.
  • Discussion of the trailer for what we call Fant-Four-Stic.

    A lengthy interview with Trank and Kinberg is here.
  • 2nd Music Break:
  • Snobby elitists who sniff that they're bored of [whatever] movies and the problems with trailers.
  • Dirk reviews Rushmore, Altered States Blu-ray; The Imitation Game, Birdman and Hermione's "catty" guest review of Boyhood.
  • The ending of Altered States and "Take On Me":

  • Miles Teller is a turd?
  • 3rd Music Break:
  • Extensive learning about Amalgam Comics - the one-off limited series of comics mashing-up Marvel and DC characters.
  • 4th Music Break (a story about it):
  • A problem with the Nvidia GTX 970 video card.
  • Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams are splitting up. The photo where she looks like Diane Lane:
  • A woman who's made nearly $5M opening toys.
  • Taylor Swift's Twitter got hacked.
  • Cherkitert: ScreenCrush's You Think You Know Movies? series:

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