Thursday, February 12, 2015

Episode #76 - "Keeping Up With The Carcrashians" - Show Notes

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Alternate Title: "Daisy Hill Puppy Mill"
  • Tonight's Beverages: Okocim O.K. Beer (Dirk & Bob); Jim Beam with a splash of Diet Mountain Dew (Otto).
  • All hands on deck as Bob Koski, the Third Vulture, checks in for the whole show and talks about the project he's been working on.
  • An appeal for funding. (Not really, but really.)
  • Some rehash of last week's Super Bowl ads and halftime show discussion.
  • Jon Stewart announces his exit from The Daily Show and we discuss late-night TV shows.
  • Jimmy Fallon's final Late Night bit and the walk down the hall mentioned:
  • The undoubtedly accurate Wikipedia page for Geoff Peterson, the robot skeleton on Craig Ferguson's show, created by Grant Imahara (aka "the Asian guy on Mythbusters"):
  • The Craig Ferguson with Larry King voicing Geoff sketch referenced:
  • Brian Williams' veracity troubles and the prescience of Network.
  • Sony CEO Amy Pascal out of a job.
  • The awesome Kid Notorious
  • Eddie Vedder's tattoo on Portlandia:
  • 1st Music Break:
  • Brian Williams gets HAMMERED for his veracity problems.
  • The Replacements are coming to town.
  • Bob's Grammy report.
  • Sia's Grammy performance:
  • Stevie Nicks was such a coke head she became a coke butt.
  • The original and cover versions of "FourFiveSeconds":

  • More mentioned Grammy performances:

  • Discussion of Kanye West's antics. (Yes, we're feeding the trolls. Sorry.)
  • Satori Circus and Lushes LaMoan's killer Kanye spoof:
  • Shirley Manson's beatdown of Kanye. Her reveal on Hottie Terminator:
  • The Saved by the Bell reunion:
  • 2nd Music Break:

  • Lady Sif returns to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Spider-Man will appear in Marvel's Cinematic Universe but that will cause the Phase 3 slate to slide back.
  • A backtrack to local radio personalities and hosts for the Detroit Music Awards including Michael Moore.
  • Britne Oldford, who played Peek-A-Boo on The Flash as she appeared there and on Ravenswood before with the Sideshow Bob hair:

  • The Verge believes it's time to bring Miles Morales' Ultimate Spider-Man to the movies because racism.
  • The Walking Dead returns and another one bites the dust. Of course, the usual grievance pimps howl "RAAAAAACISM!!!" to the point where producer Gale Anne Hurd had to address it.
  • 3rd Music Break:

  • The Straight Outta Compton trailer and Ice Cube's diss track:

  • Ryan Gosling's directorial debut trailer:
  • Jupiter Ascending bombed. It's time for the Wahackski Starship to be grounded.
  • The Mila Kunis Jim Beam ad referenced by Otto:
  • Dirk reviews Big Hero 6 and The Grand Budapest Hotel.
  • The slow-paced trailer referenced:
  • The SNL ad with the play on words:
  • The scene in The Royal Tenenbaums where Goop loses her finger (not hand, as Dirk said):
  • You can now buy the OnePlus One phone without an invite on Tuesdays.
  • Keurig's anti-consumer DRM backfires. HA!
  • Upskirt photos are legal in Oregon. You're welcome, perverts.
  • Let's stop calling 14-year-old boys who get sext photos from attractive 28-year-old teachers "victims."
  • If you're a hardcore Twin Peaks fan, here's FOUR HOURS of analysis.
  • Cherkitert®: Cinema Sins series of sexual movies:

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