Thursday, February 26, 2015

Episode #77 - "12 Years A Movie" - Show Notes

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Alternate Title: "Down The Load" or "A Sea of Alcohol & Jocularity"
  • Tonight's Beverages: Labatt's Blue (Dirk & Bob); Royal Ballslap (Crown Royal Apple + slice of apple + Angry Orchard Cider) (Otto).
  • All hands on deck as Bob Koski, the Third Vulture, sits in again for the whole show.
  • Madonna falls down, goes boom. Otto has a movie idea for her and Lady Gaga.
  • Lady Gaga announces she'll be on American Horror Story: Hotel:
  • Dane Cook's cameo in Mystery Men referenced:
  • A 15-year-old Dirk catches some air in the photo mentioned:

  • Recapping the disappointing SNL 40 show. Celebrity Jeopardy:

    The actual Tony Bennett Show sketch with the woman's foot reference:

    The pointless Eddie Murphy appearance:

    (Go find the crappy musical performances yourself.)
    Bass-O-Matic 2015

  • The deets on Paul McCartney's secret show
  • Was Victoria Jackson get snubbed over her beliefs?
  • 1st Musical Break - Agent 009, "Search and Destroy" 
  • Order POP O.D.: The Songs of Iggy Pop here or listen on Spotify. (We get no money from sales.)
  • An addition to the Fortress of Dirkatude® - the 45th Anniversary edition of The Sound of Music which at the time of these show notes is up to $90(!!!) from the $57 mentioned in show. Here's the (affiliate) link to the upcoming 50th Anniversary set which adds another disc with a new documentary and digital copies:
  • Much discussion of the 2015 Oscars starting with the best thing that happened:

    Killer! The second best thing:
  • Links to Kevin Smith's nine-part series on Jason Mewes' addictions can be found here.
  • Selma director Ava DuVernay waved off the Oscar protests.
  • The referenced SNL sketch after stepping in it about The Imitation Game's writer who turns out isn't gay, but because he didn't preach from the stage about gay issues is now being attacked.
  • Blue-on-Blue Violence breaks out as Patricia Arquette's stupid Oscar speech gets attacked by privileged white liberal hack Amanda Marcotte.
  • 2nd Musical Break - Twitch, "Lust For Life"
  • The controversies over Joan Rivers and Elaine Stritch being omitted from the Oscars Death Montage.
  • Ratings were down and how it ties into #GamerGate. (Really! Sorta.)
  • Racial drama over Fashion Police snark. (UPDATE: Kelly Osbourne quits.)
  • Otto reports on his trip to Chicago for Walker Stalker Con. The scenery:
  • The Giancarlo Esposito scene from Do The Right Thing referenced:
  • The video for "Da Butt". Fun Fact: The "Ernest" Spike Lee refers to in the beginning is Ernest Dickerson, who shot many of Spike's films and now frequently directs The Walking Dead.
  • Otto cosplaying [redacted] on the far right...

    ...and Ash from Evil Dead II (on left, duh):
  • The Bill Cosby "Buck Buck" routine referenced:
  • CreepynCuteShop's Etsy page and FaceSpace page.
  • Third Music Break - Kristiva featuring Skinhorse, "Funtime". The original Iggy version, which is somewhat different:
  • What's coming and going from Netflix in March 2015.
  • Adrienne Palicki is bumped up to series regular and Drea de Matteo will be a villain on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Dirk's thoughts on his Arrow binge and declares S2 of Sleepy Hollow to have been a total loss. Otto chimes in about the finale of Agent Carter
  • The not at all Seventies cheesetastic trailer for Telefon:
  • Dirk reviews RoboCop (2014), Selma, The Theory of Everything, Boyhood (which he has major problems with its fans)
  • The ridonkulous emo butthurt diaper load by Slate's Dan Kois: "The Academy’s Failure to Recognize Boyhood Is Their Worst Mistake in 20 Years."
  • A column on the Birdman/Boyhood divide.
  • A more level-headed Slate piece ranking all 60 nominated films.
  • CORRECTION: Laura Dern was also nominated for Wild.
  • Dirk ranks the Best Pictures. 
  • Why art is garbage:
  • Fourth Music Break - Passenger to Nowhere, "Cock In My Pocket"
  • An idiotic whine about listening to podcasts at normal speeds.
  • Grand Theft Auto V delayed for PC. Again. Dammit!
  • Tips for using Plex, the media management software.
  • RIP Louis Jourdan, Gary Owens, Lesley Gore, Mirjana Puhar.

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