Thursday, March 19, 2015

Episode #80 - "Your Apocalypse Girlfriend" - Show Notes

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Alternate Titles: "Dude, You Shatnered It!" or "He Was No Feist" or "Hobbit Bettie Page"
  • Tonight's Beverages: Labatt Ice (Dirk); Kentucky Ball Slap (Otto).
  • Otto's back, but raspy, as we warn those lured in by last week's clean episode that the blue light will be back on.
  • Some talk about the "Blurred Lines" verdict. Here's the legal beagle who won the suit comparing himself to Satan.
  • Fact Check: The Marvin Gaye tune is "Got To Give It Up"; hear the two tracks back to back:
  • Post-taping, Pharrell spoke about the verdict.
  • Don't roofie people!
  • A plug for Detroit Zombie Apocalypse III, which we'll be hosting on April 18.
  • Dirk's thoughts on the iZombie premiere. Fact Check: The character is named Liv (Olivia) Moore. Get it? Yeesh.
  • Quick mention of the week's episode of The Flash and some extreme nerdiness about the source comics.
  • First Music Break: Knife Party, "Internet Friends"
  • Recapping and extensive discussion of the traumatic, deathtastic episode of The Walking Dead. Post-taping, this article about how Sasha is the new Andrea appeared.
  • The Save the Cat books by Blake Snyder (affiliate links):
  • Episode director Jennifer Lynch is the daughter of David Lynch and made her feature debut with Boxing Helena:
  • A look at the monstrous multi-nation production that is Game of Thrones:
  • The real Michael Bolton in Office Space parody:
  • Otto reports at length on Walker Stalker Con in Dallas.
  • A tangent about Otto's visit to a vinyl pressing plant allows for a re-visitation of Dirk's annoyance at vinyl fetishists and the idiocy that is the "hot stamper" cultists.
  • Second Music Break: State of Grace, "Diamonds In Sand"
  • Discussion of the Supergirl costume and whining about objectification. Two thumbs up!
  • An incomplete mention of the kerfuffle surrounding the Batgirl variant cover. Here's a story about how it was pulled, why a beta "male" approves of the yanking and Mundane Matt's condemnation of the cave-in.
  • Sleepy Hollow renewed for S3.
  • Is the Twin Peaks Showtime series in trouble? (Probably not.)
  • The probable disintegration of Fashion Police and how Dirk can save it.
  • A pair of judges are sacked from the New Zealand edition of The X Factor for being a-holes to a contestant. Post-taping, they apologized.

    The irony of this chick braying about stealing looks is doubly funny when you compare her to this photo taken by Dirk of the drummer of The Pinz from this set:

    Yeah, super original look there, Toots. Willy Moon's 30 seconds of American fame:
  • Feist's iPod commercial:

  • Disagreement over Simon Cowell's involvement with Teletubbies. Fact Check: No legitimate connection exists between Cowell and Satan's spawnlings other than the music single mentioned on the show.
  • The Blacklist is Dirk® Approved™.
  • Third Music Break: The Fratellis, "Flathead"

    The iPod version of the tune mentioned earlier:
  • News about Star Wars: Rogue One and Episode XIII and IX.
  • Movie trailers discussed:

    The original Pixels short that inspired the movie:
  • Mocking of The Gunmen.
  • Dirk reviews Frank and Get On Up. A good accuracy check on the latter is here; the Little Richard scene is pretty true.
  • Robert Downey Jr. gives a kid an Iron Man arm.
  • The Verge - Anatomy of a Hack. (No, not their writers.)
  • RIP Gene Gene the Dancing Machine. The legend in action:
  • 75-year-old woman strangles a rabid raccoon

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