Friday, February 19, 2016

Episode #116 - "One Girl, Three Hours" - Show Notes

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Alternate Titles: "All About The Jamming and the Packing" or "We're Not Here To Judge...Yet" or "Only Those Worthy Can Pick Up My Hammer"  or "The Family Hustler" or "We Can Spot It; We Don't Need It Circled" or "Too Fast, Too Crammed, Too Cluttered" or "Hyper Speed Meth Vegas Revue" 
Unused Alternate Titles: "Civilian Daywalker Form" or "Pizzushi" or "Lower Standard For The One-Off" or "Prefer My Men To Be Alive & Warm" or "Hung Like A Burro" or "The Splash Zone" or "Bucketman" or "Sleepless In Seattle Meets The Notebook" or "Wasn't Looking For A Guy, But You're Kinda Hot" or "Back To Porn" or "Obviously A Sex Poet" or "What Kind Of Porn Does Grandma Watch?" or "I'm A Hustler Man Myself" or "The Brutal Honesty Of Hustler" or "Steaming Puddle of Vultureness" or "Recorded Live at Gathering of Juggalos" or "The Thing About Snuggle" or ""Too Much Skynet Potential" or "The Most Awesome Things For The Totally Wrong Reasons" or "I'm A Bear. Rarr." or "Constantly Riding The Curb" or "Woman On Top Or Punching The Guy Out?" or "One Thing To Be Fabulous" or "Story-Driven Pornography" or "Randal's Video List" or "Really Super-Prudey About It" or "Dented Early" or "Your First Porn Party" or "PG-13 R-Rating" or "More Ted Knight Than Leslie Nielsen" or "Not Betty White Hot" or "I Kinda Like Cock"

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