Friday, June 17, 2016

Episode #128 - "Loki Gettin' Lucky" - Show Notes

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Alternate Title: "He's A Teen, He's A Wolf, You Know, Wolf Teen!"
Unused Alternate Titles: "Free Belts & Shoes For Everyone" or "Waylon Flower's Madam" or "Giving You Half-Strokes For The Summertime" or "Something Is Seeping Somewhere" or "Dr. Evil of Hackers" or "The New Lousy Transporter" or "Where's R.J.?" or "High-Protein Ovaltine...Wolfteen" or "Discount Judd Nelson" or "Henry Rollins: Not Negan" or "Paying The Stupid Tax" or "I Broke My Joke" or "We'll Do Vinyl, But You Can Keep The Tape" or "Rock Band: Apocalypse" or "Big Gigantic Exploding Bag of Gas" or "Hot MILF Skank" or "Pyramid Destruct Mechanism" or "Mr. Mister Broken Wings" or "Goth Night at the Hellfire Club" or "Baddie McBaddie" or "Dr. Seuss Wouldn't Poop This Out"

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