Friday, August 12, 2016

Episode #133 - "All I Wanted Was A Pepsi" - Show Notes

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Alternate Title: "Not Particularly Interesting Things" 
Unused Alternate Titles: "I'm Vanna, Motherf*cker" or "Why Would Leonard Nimoy Lie?" or "Father of the Most Interesting Man in the World" or "Mexican, Not Brazilian" or "The Man Who Wore A Watch To Tell Time" or "Macomb County Love" or "Spoilers For A 30-Year-Old Movie" or "Beef Jerky Does Yoga" or "Disinterested Shorts" or "Tough To Pull Off The Butch" or "A Little Shilly In Here" or "Time-Controlling Skunk" or  or "Much More Manly C-3PO" or "It's Called Taste Dust" or "Atlantian Fight Club" or "Manta Durden"

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