Friday, September 2, 2016

Episode #135 - "It Wasn't ISIS, It Was Penis" - Show Notes

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Alternate Titles: "Yuppie F*ck Bar To Douchebag Cafe" or "Smells Like Middle-Aged Funk" or "Icon To The Soulless Ginger Community"
Unused Alternate Titles: "Left Turn Buddies" or "I Rage Shop" or "Really Fast, Crazy Powerful, and Stupid Expensive" or "Not As Guapo As Mine" or "Waiting Behind The Hoi Polloi" or "100% of None of My Money" or "Bullseye Can Eat A Dick" or "A Certain Orange Candidate" or "Russell Crowe Home-Wrecking Powers" or "Crazy In The Family" or "Law & Order: Armageddon Unit" or "A Sloth Named Velcro" or "Out-of-Focus Rain" or "The Usual Nerd Suspects" or "Ohmygawd! Thrawn!" or "Before They Invented Outrage" or "Crushing Souls Because She Is The Ultimate Evil" or "#PaleWhiteLivesDontMatter" or "Huge Fans of The Edge" or "Super Black Irish" or "War Criminal Against Music"

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