Friday, September 16, 2016

Episode #136 - "More Accurate Than Sex Panther" - Show Notes

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Alternate Title: "Always Be Our Hatchet Face"
Unused Alternate Titles: "Nubian Warrior Princess" or "I Was Pounding That" or "PHRASING!" or "The Pepsi Clear of Rum" or "On Tenterhooks Here" or "Sword Is Cooling In The Bucket" or "Clown Hair" or "Phrasing Has Made Me Sad Now" or "Coloring Book For MSNBC Viewers" or "Cute When The Girls Do It" or "Most Self-Absorbing Thing Ever" or "Speaking of Big Person Pants" or "Shark Is In The Salsa" or "Go Downtown Brown With Otto" or "People Who Watch Bug Zappers For Fun"

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