Friday, October 21, 2016

Episode #138 - "Drunk & Sloppy End First" - Show Notes

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Alternate Titles:  "Sandy Vagina Guy Bands" or "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Damon" or "Boned Up On Joe Tex"
 Unused Alternate Title: "Super Frisky and Super Risky" or "1-800-Printer, Go For The Print!" or "Younger, Prettier Geoffrey Feiger" or "Put A Church Key On It" or "Fisher-Price's My First EDM" or "Lip-Synchin' Mouthpiece Breathing Monkeys" or "If You Can't Do It, Don't" or "Riding On That Buzzkill" or "Flashy Little Rich Kids Who Think They're Hardcore" or "At All The Hot Protests" or "You'll Love Our Slots" or "Drink 'Em Pretty, Drink 'Em Thin" or "The No Country For Old Men of Bands" or "The Guy Who Rented Black Porn" or "Slayer Lite" or "The Wings Between My Cheeks" or "Whitney Can Sang" or "Ass-Kickin' MILFs" or "World War Chi" or "The Token Gringo" or "Nudge Wank" or "One Tree Ranger" or "Dawson's Rangers"

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