Friday, November 18, 2016

Episode #139 - "Sensitive Tiger Beat Hair" - Show Notes

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Alternate Titles: "Schrödinger's Glam Singer" or "The Sorcerer Supreme of Having Everyone Hate Me"

Unused Alternate Titles: "It's A Brand New Day, But The Same Old Sh*t" or "Even God Is Sick of Their Sh*t" or "Apply The Lube On Your Own Time" or "How Else Are You Going To Keep Daryl Around?" or "Just Above His Spot" or "Kneel Before The Valve" or "Shiva With An Otto Cape" or "Sitting On A Bucket" or "Three Bells For Leonard" or "Friendly Canuckian Entertainment" or "Better Than Robin" or "Nothing But High Fives & Fist Bumps" or "Moving A Couch Friend" or "Iron Man With Magic" or "Who Makes The Watch Drawers" or "Rotating Watch Drawer" or "The Grand Watching Ceremony" or "Kristen Stewart's Rotating Panty Drawer" or "Future Villain Guy" or "Magic Babble" or "Cloak Ex Machina" or "Staying Alive Through Pure Luck" or "Vodka. Woman's Drink" or "She Was 19 and 19" or "Get The Girl And Look Dope Doing It" or "Onyx Bolt" or "Madden Warfare 2016 In Spaaaaaace!" or "It Died On The Vine" or "The Whitest Gangta You'll Ever Meet" or "Neuticle & Steroid Fund" or "I Guess That Question's Answered: Dead" or "Was His Name Stu?"

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