Friday, December 23, 2016

Episode #141 - "Gingerbread Hitler: Target Greeter" - Show Notes

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Alternate Titles: "Fuzznuts Adventures In Dateland" or "Rogue 69" or "Really Hungry For Arby's All Of The Sudden" or "Christian Bale's Eye Wart" or "It's Late and I'm Drunk"
  • Tonight's Beverages: Ococim, Tyskie, SSS beers (Dirk & Otto); Panty Dropper (strawberry lemonade and rum - Otto)
  • We're back after one week, Bob "I'm Gonna Kill Somebody" Koski is in the house, and why the podcasts are posting out of order.
  • Greeting to new FaceSpace Likers and the tons of FREE stuff they had a chance of getting.
  • New celeb nudie leaks from Lucy Hale and Leelee Sobieski are talked about (because to look at the pictures would be wrong) as well as Rose McGowan's sex tape. 
  • Referenced: Gingerbread Hitler:
  • Dirk's new car gets snowed on and weirds him out. 
  • Our previous Christmas show Episode #70 - "Jesus vs. George Bailey"
  • First Music Break: The Waitresses, "Christmas Wrapping"; Cocteau Twins, "Frosty The Snowman"; Barenaked Ladies w/Sarah McLachlan, "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/We Three King"
  • The Addams Family TV show's Wednesday Lisa Loring's almost unknown porn career comes up. 
  • Movie trailers for John Wick: Chapter 2 and Blade Runner: 2049

  • Universal uploaded a trailer for the new Tom Cruise reboot of The Mummy with messed-up audio. The Internet does what it do and Universal mishandles it.
  • Lex Luther and Hippolyta will be in Justice League
  • We do a quick SPOILER-FREE review of Rogue One.
  • Second Music Break: They Might Be Giants, "Christmas In The Big House"; Queen Bee, "Santa Babee" (sic); Dick the Bruiser Band, "Cum On Get Your Toys" ("Cum On Feel The Noize" parody)
  • Santa Dirk gives presents to his elves. The Ash vs. Evil Dead S1 cover:
  • Margot Robbie's fine, fine ass is off the market
  • The surprise arrival of Netflix's The OA...

    ...leads to a recap of co-creator Brit Marling's breakthrough with Another Earth.

  • Fact Check: Her frequent collaborator is Zal Batmanglij.
  • Dirk's review of Another Earth.
  • Third Music Break: The Ramones, "Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight)"; U2, "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)"
  • The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2017 Inductees announced and we talk about it. 
  • Neil Schon has reached out to Steve Perry to participate.
  • Referenced: The "Steve Perry" psyche out from Baseketball:
  • Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayall thinks Pearl Jam should've been inducted ahead of Nirvana and a Salon hack has problems with Journey.
  • Proof of Dirk's contention that Radiohead's Thom Yorke is Jackie Rogers Jr.:
  • Bob is able to reverse the masked demonic messages in music with his iPad.
  • Referenced: J. Geils Band, "No Anchovies, Please"
  • Referenced: The chicken salad sandwich scene from Five Easy Pieces:
  • Fourth Music Break: The Jackson 5, "Someday At Christmas"; James Brown, "Go Power At Christmas Time"; Bob Seger and the Last Heard, "Sock It To Me Santa"
  • More Rock Hall talk with the latest black rage from Stereo Williams about paucity of R&B acts. We run through his list and debate.
  • The Snub List of artists not getting any love from Jann's toy.
  • Fifth Music Break: ELP, "I Believe In Father Christmas"; Tom Waits, "Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis"; The Pogues ft. Kirsty MacColl, "Fairytale Of New York"
  • Otto's Adventures In Dating begin with plenty of support (read: heckling) from the gang.
  • Referenced: The Men vs. Woman control panel meme:
  • Sixth Music Break: The Polish Muslims, "Yuletide Rock Opera Acts I-III"
  • More fun with Otto's dating adventures.
  • Seventh Music Break: The Killers, "A Great Big Sled (ft. Toni Halliday), "Joel, the Lump of Coal (ft. Jimmy Kimmel), "Joseph, Better You Than Me (ft. Elton John & Neil Tennant)", "Don't Shoot Me Santa"
  • Dating adventures conclude with Otto going on a date.
  • Referenced: Taylor Momsen as Cindy Lou Who and as a rocker chick:

  • Eighth Music Break: Bob Rivers, "Jesus's Birthday" (Beatles parody); Iggy Pop, "White Christmas"; RUN-DMC, "Christmas Is"; Billy Squier, "Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You"
  • The review of people who passed into the infinite in 2016 kicks off with Gordon Hunt (Kotaku link with interview mentioned), father of Helen Hunt, who had a wildly varied career
  • Note: The reference to Carrie Fisher was taped the day before her heart attack.
  • Tilda Swinton and Margaret Cho's emails about "whitewashing" in Doctor Strange are released and, of course, racial grievance mongers screech about "white privilege."
  • Cindy Stowell, the six-time Jeopardy champ who passed away before her episodes aired recently.
  • Richard Marx subdued a troublesome passenger on a Korean airlines flight.
  • Most Canuckian Thing Ever: Edmonton man drives his Zamboni through Tim Horton's drive-thru.
  • Outro Music: Band-Aid, "Do They Know It's Christmas"
Unused Alternate Titles: "Magic & Bug Zappers" or "No More Love For Fidel" or "But Wait There's Now" or "Fortress of Youatude" or "The AOL Disc of Movie Delivery" or "We Call Her Sex Muppet" or "Oral Exams For The Book Report" or "He Seems Intent On His Work" or "You Put It In the Hole and You Turn" or "Energizer Kung Fu Panda" or "Katie Wasn't There" or "Come At You Hard and Hold You Afterwards" or "Take The C Off Of It" or "The Jim Belushi of the Cruise Family" or "Too Busy Stroking My Machine" or "Fluffernutters" or "Everybody Else's Favorite Band" or "You Will Never Unsee It" or "Instant DeSatanifier" or "Every Breath You Don't Hear" or "Otto May Be Your Dad" or "Jabba the Podcaster" or "Not Sure If I'm Ready For The Meat" or "They All Come Before Me" or "The Iranian Catholics" or "Garbage Before Garbage" or "Looks Like Christmas Puked On Her" or "Worst. Sales. Pitch. Ever." or "Cougar Nudity" or "He Was Fish, Man" or "No Toxic Level of Botox" or "Choked On Life"

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