Friday, February 24, 2017

Episode #146 - "David Lynch's Archie" - Show Notes

Download Episode (82MB, Running Time: 3h)

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Alternate Titles: "10 Minutes of Silence & Drooling Sounds" or "These Guys Can Pound It"
Unused Alternate Titles: "Public School Has Let Me Down" or "Cool & Hippenwiddet" or "Actually Did Work At Work" or "Bad Old Days Keanu" or "She Who Is Not Named In Space" or "Cleansing Aperitif For The Rage" or "Silicone Get In The Milk" or "Phrase You All Night, Baby" or "Ottohulk Smash" or "Lesbian Pirate Girls" or "Reality: Try It" or "Mira Barkhammar As Bobo" or "Fortune Cookie Philosophy" or "One Tree Archie or Jughead's Creek" or "Only One Restaurant Per City" or "Riverdale Jitters" or "Looking Hella Grizzled" or "Moonlight Bro Action" or "Dude, Change Your Tampon and Shut Up"

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