Friday, October 13, 2017

Episode #159 - "Real Klingons of STD" - Show Notes

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Alternate Titles: "The Apocalypse Is Back On Schedule" or "Lick That Asshole, Tyrese!" or "Snap Into A Parademon!" or "We're Handing Out Rats"
Unused Alternate Titles:  "Kitty Is Kitty" or "Fifth-Best Taylor Swift Tribute Band" or "Fun Time's Over. Stand Up." or "No Pale-Faced Gringos" or "The Infield Fly of Jokes" or "Slightly Less Ridiculous Name" or "What The Hell Accent Accent" or "New Jaeger Bombs With Rockets" or "Rob Zombie Biker Aquaman" or "Depressed Mope" or "I Still Call It Pine Knob" or "How Do You Not Kill Yourself With A Shotgun" or "Bane of My '80s Existence" or "I Gotta Hide My Cat" or "Dumpster Fire In Space" or or "Put It In Her Armpit" or "Nu Dark Trek" or "Holographic FaceTime" or "I Give You STD" or "My Ham Could Not Be More Fisted" or "Nudity Into Tie Drawers"

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