Friday, December 22, 2017

Episode #164 - "Der Binglehoffer & Der Bowiehoffer" - Show Notes

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Alternate Titles: "Idiots Is Not A Racial Group" or "George Orwell Has Nothing On Your Photoshop" or "Hugh Jackman Is Ampersand"

Unused Alternate Titles:  "Put It Directly In Your Ear" or "Police Shot My Dog" or "He Was Having Technical Difficulties" or "Ancient F*cking Rich Guy's Club" or "Everyone Makes Their Way To The Manger" or "The Throne of Carson and Leno" or "Paying Me With My Own Money?" or "Did The Sambora" or "Do You Listen To What You're Saying" or "Moulin Rouge at the Circus" or "Bob Had Technical Difficulty"

TINFOIL SWAN Episode #5-164 Show Notes (exclusively for our Patreon supporters):
  • Additional thanks to our supporters.
  • How wrong the Trump-haters were in their dire predictions.

Patreon Shout-Out Supporters: Johnny Martinuk

Patreon Roll Call Supporters: Ron Serafin, Anguis Viridis

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