Friday, December 15, 2017

Episode #163 - "Hey, You're Not The Avengers!" - Show Notes

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Alternate Titles: "Super-Shame Me" or "88% of Something" or "T. Rex Machina" or "Penelope Tonto & the Heapsters"

Unused Alternate Titles: "Is Ben The Brains of the Outfit?" or "We're Picky That Way" or "The William Hung of the Olympics" or "Looks Dark, Looks Huge" or "Star Lordy" or "In A Jurassic World" or "No Problems You Can't Solve With Money" or "Lex Luthor's T-Pain Yacht" or "Mena Suvari's Grumpy Sister" or "Tie It Into K-Pax" or "Tone-Pulse Switchable" or "ReTARDIS" or "Walker On The Stick" or "Dances With Trash" or "One-Word Character" or "Touching The Merchandise" or "Vogon Poetry" or "Use The 'I Was Drunk' Excuse" or "Pick of That Litter"

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