Thursday, April 18, 2013

Episode #3 - "When You Stare Into The Boobs, The Boobs Stare Back Into You" - Show Notes

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Alternate Title: "Bob Seger: It's What We Drink Around Here."

Setting a record for going off the rails, this is sort of what happened:
  • Music from Boston-based bands fills our breaks
  • Proof of last week's Morgan Freeman meme is presented.
  • Aubrey Plaza's weird crashing of the MTV Movie Awards and whether Sasha Baron Cohen teabagging Eminem was staged or not is discussed in length.
  • The major plot flaw from The Perks of Being a Wallflower is hashed about, leading to an exploration of the vast gaps in McHatin's musical knowledge which leads into a deeper rabbit hole.
  • Dirk learns something about McHatin. Shock and horror ensues.
  • McHatin only recently learned about Bob Seger. Greater shock and horror ensues.
  • Music from The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Dropkick Murphys.
  • A photo of the "ribbed for her pleasure" bottle containing tonight's beer was posted to Facebook.
  • Netflix's foray into original series is discussed on the way toward a discussion of the warning label on the red-band Hemlock Grove trailer.
  • "Bob Seger: It's What We Drink Around Here." 
  •  The full Hey Kids, Grow a Pair: How Music Blogs Neutered Indie Rock blog item.
  • McHatin has serious issues with ICP which we may have to explore more in a future show.
  • Music by The Breeders, Belly, and The Pixies.
  • Dirk talks about the challenges of writing about music versus movies.
  • How crowd-sourcing the investigation of the Boston Marathon bombing (or other crimes) by Reddit users could have very bad consequences.
  • Dirk's last day of work and the Kafkaesque weirdness that corporate busy-bodies can cause when they overhear offhand and benign comments.
  • The movie trailer for Man of Steel is discussed and McHatin's interpretation is hotly debated. Watch it and see who's correct:

  • The contractual entanglements keeping various Marvel comics characters apart is broached. Why do comic book movies keep retelling the same origin stories?
  • The Lone Ranger trailer is slapped around.
  • Dirk's shampoo secret revealed.
  • Music by Mission of Burma and Billy Squier.
  • Apologies for not actually covering what we billboarded.
  • Outrage of Sasha Gray's lady landscaping and the weird beliefs of a friend of Dirk's.

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