Thursday, April 25, 2013

Episode #4 - "The Gwyneth Paltrow Conundrum" - Show Notes

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Alternate Title: "So This Is What Getting Through The Checklist Sounds Like"
  • Tonight's beverages: Simple Times Lager and Redds Apple Ale.
  • The loathsome hotness of Gwyneth Paltrow is beaten upon at length. Probably too much length.
  • Her Iron Man 3 premiere dress:

  • How Gwennie compares to Angelina Jolie and Faruza Balk crops up.
  • The sincerity gap between Anne "Yummy Girl" Hathaway and J.Law and whether Megan Fox has a toe for a thumb. Wait, what?
  • Speed round of "Who's hot?" and the benefits of looking like Chris Cornell.
  • Music by The Heavy.
  • The premise of the upcoming movie The Purge is debated. The trailer:

  • The trailer for Elysium sets off discussion of how District 9 succeeded where Avatar failed at an allegorical storytelling. That trailer:

  • The lack of shiny in sci-fi and trying to figure out where things changed. We've tackled this subject before in this episode of The Dirk & McHatin Show which shows that tangents and digressions have been a feature (not a bug) of our schtick since forever.
  • The movie Mimic is quickly reviewed.
  • Music by Living Color & RUN-DMC and Mudhoney & Sir Mix-A-Lot.
  • McHatin gets his hate on for new SyFy series Defiance which prompts Dirk to rant about how sci-fi needs to stop being Westerns and how the up-front emphasis on cowboys in space wrecked Firefly, contra every other nerd in the world. (They're wrong.)
  • A cool zombie-themed charity event happening May 4 is mentioned.
  • The closing themes from Portal and Portal 2.
  • Rumors and FUD surrounding the next Xbox, the downside of having a mandatory Kinnect, the (Dirk says) myth of some guy having sex while gaming, and the problems of mandatory always-online connection are kicked about.
  • A pair of tunes by the Divinyls to mark the passing of the inimitable Christina Amphlett.

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