Thursday, July 18, 2013

Episode #13 - "Nerd Rage Against The Machines" - Show Notes

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Alternate Title: "It's the McHatin Show with a Special Appearance by Dirk." 
  • Tonight's Beverage: Beck's.
  • Hot weather and McHatin's distaste for John Cusack and what actors have to do.
  • The differences in fantasy fiction and McHatin's childhood.
  • The dangers of presuming an audience is familiar with previous similar art.
  • Cloud Atlas and Lost and complex mythologies.
  • The differences between the Marvel and DC movie universes prompted by this article.
  • Bruce Wayne vs. Tony Stark....WHO YA GOT?!?
  • Upcoming interviews with Lynda Mandolyn and Cherie Curie are teased.
  • Music from Inside Out that no one is supposed to have.
  • Listener question about what books have been most poorly served by their movie adaptation is answered.
  • Unmentioned during the show because we moved on too quickly, but there's a book on the making of The Bonfire of the Vanities called The Devil's Candy: The Anatomy Of A Hollywood Fiasco.
  • Emmy nominations announced and as predicted Tatiana Maslany didn't get nominated for Orphan Black. ATTICA! ATTICA! ATTICA! (The Huff Poo agrees: Emmy Nominations 2013 Biggest Snub: 'Orphan Black' Star Tatiana Maslany Was Robbed)
  • This is the same actress and they all act different, but it's not good enough? Perhaps if she was Tracy Ullman?
  • Comic-Con preview discussion, McHatin's lack of interest in Jamie Foxx's Electro and the challenges of superhero costumes and adapting Wonder Woman.
  • The problem with movie trailers - too many, 20-second teasers for 60-second teaser trailers, international trailers. Enough!
  • Why is Spike Lee remaking Oldboy?
  • Other movie trailers discussed:

  • Dirk's Spring Breakers review.
  • Discussion of Pacific Rim and by "discussion" we mean Dirk calling out the cheap date nerds who have giving it a pass despite its insurmountable flaws for about a half-hour. He mad, bro! (Related reviews: The Dark Knight Reloaded and Real Steel.)
  • The VR scene from Disclosure that's referenced:
  • A list of hot babes with small breasts.

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