Thursday, December 12, 2013

Episode #26 - "Gottahavium" - Show Notes

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Alternate Title: "Alan Alda: A Very Believable Dick"
  • Special Co-Host: Otto the Autopilot
  • Tonight's Beverage: Smirnoff Ice Raspberry
  •  The case of the missing music.
  • Android 4.4.2 released for Nexus devices and Chromecast gets more usable.
  • A theory about Bob Koski.
  • Otto's life as a Boblo boat DJ.
  • Dirk's purchase of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey extended edition Blu-ray, the crazy amount of extras and Otto's deep dislike of Peter Jackson's take on the book.
  • Comic book artists who drive us away from books we'd like to read.
  • Home For The Holidaze 11: Songwriter Showcase and Charity Drive on December 20.
  • The Batman/Superman movie will be shooting in Michigan and Fast & Furious 7 is being rewritten to give Paul Walker an appropriate sendoff.
  • More Star Trek Into Wrathness of Khanness Blu-ray annoyance.

  • Dirk's review of Elysium prompts a vigorous debate (*cough*) of Jodie Foster's performance in Contact.
  • Should Oscar-winning actors who make terrible movies have their awards repossessed?
  • Free Fallout games (deal has expired; listen to the live show, kids) from and the Fallout 4 and leaks confirming its reality.
  • Music by Def Ref: "A Girl Without Hands (Def Ref Takes the Message Mix featuring Lisa Vicious)"
  • Dirk misremembered the specifics, but jump to 1:50 for the non-smoking gag:
  • Battlefield 4 single-player remarks and Dirk & Otto's gaming histories. 
  • Doom's 20th Anniversary; John Carmack's leaving id Software; game engines explained. Heavy nerd tech yammering ensues. Frostbite 3 article.

  • Movie trailers quickly discussed:

  • Otto has never seen Bound! Infidel!
  • The Maxx needs to be on DVD. What's that? It is?!?!? w00t!!!

  • Detroit radio DJ legend Ken Calvert retires.
  • ABC News and Ted Koppel screwed over the freelance journalist who interviewed Cambodian genocidal dictator Pol Pot.
  • Go to to get the Christmas card that fundraises for Hermione's East Side cat rescue.
  • Unnecessary photo of J.Law: Murder Girl of West Virginia:

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