Friday, March 17, 2017

Episode #148 - "60 Minutes of Vigorous Pounding" - Show Notes

Download Episode (82MB, Running Time: 3h)

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Alternate Titles: "Hots For Viggo" or "Russian Mojito"
Unused Alternate Titles: "Charlize Theron Target" or "Two of the Three Bs" or "Apparently Moss Grows There" or "Random Archer" or "The Guy With All The Grenades" or "Talking About Hard" or "With A Flashlight And A Speculum" or "Turning Into ?uestlove" or "Jason Isaacs Is STD Captain" or "Kong Was The Sh*t" or "Mrs. Sharkbait" or "The Charmer's Name Was Gaff" or "They Cast A Gringo" or "Perpetual Outrage Machine" or "She's Civilian Hot" or "Married To A Husband With A Beard" or "Incredible Idiots" or "The Hottest Green Chick In History" or "Dissonant, But Spot On" or "Black Drone Down" or "Talk About The Flying Tigers"

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