Friday, March 31, 2017

Episode #149 - "Stephen King's Pre-Teen Gangbang" - Show Notes

Download Episode (89MB, Running Time: 3h 15m)

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Alternate Titles: "Can't Stop Crying Long Enough To Jerk Off" or "Tonto-Speaking Dumpster People" or "Trying To Protect My Fellow Monkey Chums" or "The Final Gong" 
Unused Alternate Titles: "Booji Boogie" or "Taste of Peter Jackson" or "Smack Around Our Younger Selves" or "We'll Always Have Weemawee" or "Totally Different Head. Totally." or "Hobo Buffet" or "Stuff That YOU People Buy" or "Still Plenty of Ghetto Left" or "Passed The Hugh Jackman Test" or "Shriner's Creed" or "Cerebro Ride-Along" or "Kryptonian Acne" or "Johansson-San" or "Sex Droids" or "Dirk vs. Miserable Snowflakes" or "Permanent Madface" or "Thinking In Italics" or "All The Blue Dong You Could Want" or "Three Lines and a Train" or "Lube Up The Iron Fist" or "Hot, But Not Plausible"

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