Friday, March 2, 2018

Episode #168 - "Kevin Smith's Too Fat To Live" - Show Notes

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Alternate Titles: "People of Vagina" or "Hitler's Ideal Jew" or "Twink Boys with Peach Juice"
Unused Alternate Titles:  "Slurpee Storm" or "White History Year" or "Harvey Pekar's Cancer Year" or "The Jughead Show" or "Orangutan On Amphetamines" or "That's Serbia's" or "The Human Run-On Sentence" or "He's A Winklevi" or "Italian Peach Pie" or "Supermanned It" or "From 60 Degrees To Slurpee" or "You'll Never Be Thriller" or "Going Native In Oakland" or "Meesa T'Challa Binks"

TINFOIL SWAN Episode #6-168 - "It's Bigger Up Close" - Show Notes (here exclusively for our Patreon supporters):
  • Black Panther is being accused of cultural appropriation because of course it is.
  • Why no one is talking about the Black Lighting TV series in conjunction with Black Panther prompts major digressions into the Parkland shooting, how the authorities did nothing and our economically-poor upbringings.
  • How FEELS OVER REALS policies to keep kids from getting caught up in the criminal justice system allows violent people to legally purchase guns since they have no flags in the system
  • Referenced: The corner men scene from Do The Right Thing talking about immigrant success in America:
  • Hermione's hots for Jason "Broseidon" Momoa.
  • Unused Titles: "Black Man's Inhumans" or "Grading With Both Feet On The Scale" or "No Dogs, No Blacks, No Irish" or "Broseidon" or "Vote for SMOD"

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