Friday, June 22, 2018

Episode #179 - "Satori's Got Talent!" - Show Notes

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Alternate Titles: "Favorite Clown-Shaped Person" or "Satori vs. Mummenschanz...FIGHT!" or "The Other Other White Meat" or "No One Has Picked Up Sex Muppet" or "Weird Dumpling Baby" or "Noted Kidnap Victim and Domestic Terrorist"

  • Tonight's Beverages: Simple Times Lager, Labatt Ice (Dirk); Autopilot (Otto), Żywiec (Satori)
  • Intro boiler plate and freebies for our FaceSpace Likers.
  • Special Guest: Russell Taylor bka Satori Circus
    Satori Circus
  • Referenced: Episode #108 - "Stirling Silver Polished" - Stirling Silver - Detroit club impresario, record store owner, singer, manager, general man about town and recent FaceSpace joiner.
  • Updates on the Chris Hardwick scandal, starting with Internet toolbag Wil Wheaton not being joining the mob to lynch his bestie.
  • Hardwick's AMC show pulled and he left his Comic-Con panels.
  • He denies the allegations and mother-in-law Patty Hearst believes him.
  • Fact Check: Patty Hearst was in Cry-Baby and many other John Waters movies.
  • TMZ has text messages showing Chloe Dykstra trying to get back with him. 
  • The beginning of our conversation with Satori Circus, starting with how he'd describe his performance art style.
  • How he designs his makeup.
  • The origins of his new show, Stroke.
  • First Music Break: Satori Circus, "Ramblings To Myself"
    Performing "Ramblings To Myself"
  • We continue with an exploration of his pre-Satori musical activities. 
  • His woefully out-of-date website.
  • His process of how he assembles a show, tracing from show to show.
  • What happened with 1515 Broadway, the home of much of his early career. 
  • About the Haberdasher, the act performing with him.
  • Moving into bigger venues with Funy as Hell.
  • His "greatest hits" so to speak.
  • Performing "Tender Rogue Tango"
  • Second Music Break: Satori Circus, "Blind Searching in a Circle"
  • Moving into his 25th Anniversary show at the Detroit Institute of Arts.
  • Whether the modest audiences bother him and why isn't he just huge.
  • The story behind his infamous America's Got Talent appearance.
    The part of "Burlesque" the America's Got Talent! producers watched.
    The part they didn't watch before calling.
    The baby routine he got gonged with.
  • The show that Dirk jumped into participation with.
  • A hint of what his 30th Anniversary show may include and other out-of-town gigs.
  • Have technological advances changed his creative process?
  • What pieces best summarize the Satori experience and what was a disaster?
    Performing "These Are My Friends"
  • The Deep Thoughts Musicians Quiz Game!
  • Looping back to cover shows of the past few years and an update on the in-production documentary about him.
  • Referenced: Josie Pace's "My Mistake" video featuring Satori Circus:
  • Third Music Break: Satori Circus, "The Air Is Heavy"
  • The show goes on and we have our thoughts on what transpired and pitch our Patreon.
  • Netflix rescues cancelled Lucifer for S4.
  • AMC Theaters starts its own competitor to Movie Pass.
  • Disney has upped their bid for Fox to counter Comcast's interloping.
  • Due to the box office failure of Solo, future Star Wars Story projects are placed on hold.
  • Movie trailers for Creed 2 and Tau:

  • Rumor that Picard may be coming to Star Trek Discovery
  • Dirk reviews Incredibles 2. (Full print review at link.)
  • RIP: Blues Brother Matt "Guitar" Murphy; Cramps drummer Nick Knox; conservative author Charles Krauthammer; Koko the sign language gorilla.
  • Tom Hanks distracts the audience at his Shakespeare performance while a medical emergency was dealt with.
Unused Alternate Titles:  "That's Incredible!" or "Schadenfreudelicious" or "The Weenus" or "Satori's Circus" or "Dirk's Coming Up" or "Almost a Trailer's Worth of Good Material" or "Flying Apple Store" or "Seizures Are Tight"

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