Thursday, August 1, 2013

Episode #14 - "Cherie: Portrait of a Teenage Runaway" - Show Notes

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Alternate Title: "Crisco Wolverine Cherie Runaway Chainsaw Android Drunk Swimming"
  • Tonight's Beverage: Water. (Sorry, boring, but we were on Skype tonight.)
  • The Crisco Can of Detroit.
  • Discussion of The Wolverine and the demands for nerd purity. (Dirk's review.)
  • An epic, 85-minute-long interview - excerpts transcribed here and here - with Cherie Currie covering:
    • Her last gigs in the Detroit area.
    • The fate of her long-awaited album and her upcoming tour.
    • Music from Live In Japan: "Queens of Noise" and "Cherry Bomb."
    • The Runaways history; how fast they were signed; how they had to sue for royalties; and her feelings about Kim Fowley.
    • Could the band have survived under other circumstances?
    •  More music: "You Drive Me Wild" and "American Nights."
    • Artists influenced by The Runaways.
    • The problem of bullying nowadays.
    • Her favorite Runaways tune. (Not what you'd think or what you've heard.)
    • The fluke of her name and its impact on fame.
    • The obligatory discussion of what's holding up a Runaways reunion and the shocking reason why Lita Ford didn't participate in the movie.
    • The differences between what was portrayed in the movie and reality.
    • The reasons for her autobiography, Neon Angel, and its radical updating and re-release.
    • Her thoughts on the documentary Edgeplay: A Film About The Runaways and her last day with the band.
    •  Why the Seventies were a better, more moral time. (Wait, what?!)
    • Her recent movie and TV work and whether this means a return to acting.
    • The reality of her trademark corset.
    • Her upcoming show with Glenn Danzig at the Gibson (Universal) Amphitheater and its significance to her.
    • Her interesting thoughts on singing contest shows like American Idol and The Voice.
    • Plus an abbreviated version of the Deep Thoughts Music Quiz Game
  • The back story of how the interview was conducted.
  • Nerd Stuff: A quick mention of Android 4.3, the new Nexus 7 (Ars Technica review), and Google's Chromecast.
  • Drunk guy swims the Detroit River.
 Cherie Currie - 1976 - 16-years-old:

Cherie Currie - 2013 - 53-years-old:
Cherie Currie @ The Magic Bag.jpg
Not shabby at all!

UPDATE: Photos from the show!


  1. Enough with the RUSH event questioning. It's done. Every artist has had jokes played on them, including RUSH. It was 37 years ago. Cherie finally answered the question with class as opposed to interviews in the past.

    1. I wasn't asking about pranks; I was asking about her last times in Detroit. She volunteered the story about the papers on the stage. I was familiar with that story in my research but surprised when she said it had happened here.

      Thanks for listening!