Thursday, August 29, 2013

Episode #17 - "So You Think You Can Twerk" - Show Notes

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Alternate Title: "It's A Black-Off!"
  • Tonight's Beverage: Trader Joe's Simple Times Lager (for Dirk; nothing for McHatin).
  • Car stereos.
  • Recapping last week's post-show fun and McHatin's confrontation with a crack ho and the resultant "black-off" and twerking.
  • The results of the Humble Origin Bundle and the lame Comedy bundle that followed it, but the decent Weekly deal.
  • Dirk is playing Bioshock Infinite (aka Sky-o-Shock) and we talk about the racism of the story so far.
  • The grisly deaths of Tomb Raider.
  • The results of Audra Kubat's crowd-sourcing campaign and why Indie Go-Go is vastly superior to Kickstarter.
  • Her terrific pitch video:
  • In a world...

  • Lita Ford and Cherie Currie are doing a Christmas single.
  • McHatin has read 10 books in the past week.
  • NPR's list of the Top 100 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Novels and how many we've read and why Dirk reads young adult novels.
  • Nexus 4 has its price cut a C-note to $199 or $249. Killer deal.
  • Japanese cell phones that McHatin craves.
  • Using the Chromecast with a proper Internet connection.
  • The Miley Cyrus VMA controversy.
  • A typical digression into Breaking Bad S2 and people spoiling.
  • The image of Jesse's house that caused the spoiling:
  • Report of fuzzy graphics on the PS4 version of Battlefield 4.
  • Back to the Miley situation.
  • The image that Dirk made that bombed on Reddit:
    Why we've never seen Miley Cyrus and Bill the Cat together before.
  • Dirk learns how Reddit's "front page" works.
  • The South Korean trainer cougar who buffed up at 40.
  • The chick who busts on personal transformation before-and-after photos:
  • The continuing nerd rage over Ben Affleck as Batman and the rumors of Bryan Cranston wanting to play Lex Luthor.
  • James Spader cast as Ultron and McHatin has nerd purity rage about it.
  • Dirk's deal getting a USB drive for his Xbox.
  • Is Olivia Munn a real nerd girl or a stuck-up bitch.

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