Thursday, August 22, 2013

Episode #16 - "Shiny Happy Dystopian Futures" - Show Notes

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Alternate Title: "Breaking News From Official Sources"
  • Tonight's Beverage: Labatt Ice (Dirk; nothing for McHatin).
  •  Humble Origin Bundle charity update (deal continues until August 28, 2013) and how DLC is gamers' fault.
  • Are bloggers journalists? Boisterous debate ensues.
  • Reddit readers.
  • McHatin wants Hollywood to collectively focus on one subject per year.
  • Music by Japanese girl-rockers The Akabane Vulgars on Strong Bypass, "House of the Rising Sun"
  • Dirk talks about his Google Chromecast.
  • EA's Great Game Guarantee and whether rage against Dragons Age 2 and Mass Effect 3 was merited.
  • Should sci-fi be happy and leave the rape out of it?
  • The RAGE screenshot and caption referred to.
  • A digression into Robert Rodriguez movies.
  • Discussion of Gamescon news.
  • McHatin smokes?!?!?
  • Breaking news: Ben Affleck cast as Batman and the new Star Wars to be shot on 35mm!
  • The San Francisco plane crash prank.
  • SwiftKey - the best Android keyboard - has been updated and is on sale for half-price for a limited time.
  • The Boondock Saints and McHatin's mutt background.
  • McHatin doesn't like what comic movies are being made and makes his case for The Boys.
  • Dirk's Three Laws (and One Strong Suggestion) of Band Naming. 
  • Christina Hendricks to play stripper. Yeah, right.
  • Memories of the 2003 Blackout (which was last week).
  • Porn star Minka. (We're not linking it cuz it's scary.)
  • News finding methods.
  • Premature show termination due to drama at the station. Sorry about that.

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