Thursday, August 10, 2017

The #GamerGate Episode Guide

Since the consumer revolt against corruption in the media known as #GamerGate exploded in August 2014, we have done several episodes featuring extensive news, analysis and discussion of  the issues, each with a corresponding Show Notes post with the many, MANY source links and videos from which we drew our topics. As many hours as we've spent on the show talking about it, it's but a mere sliver of the vast bulk of information out there.

While it's by no means all-inclusive, it does provide a substantial basis for our listeners to read for themselves the side the corrupt and ideologically-biased media specifically refuses to admit exists and actively lies about in their reporting. Unlike the biased media, we present the evidence and allow you to determine its veracity. We don't just say "listen and believe" us; we want you to KNOW and THINK for yourselves. 

This post will be updated to add episodes with significant segments (i.e. more than just a few quick items) about #GamerGate.

UPDATE 8/13/2017: We are tagging the episodes discussing the Google Memo here because it heavily features how the media has distorted the actual contents of the memo to advance the false SJW narratives. (i.e. If you see it described as "anti-diversity", you're looking at lies.)

Episode #57 - "Not Your Porn Pimp" originally aired 9/4/2014 - segment runs ~1h 56m 30s thru 2h 52m (56 mins).

Episode #58 - "Piledriving & Logjamming" originally aired 9/11/2014 - segment starts ~1h 23m 35s thru 3h 5m (102 mins).

Episode #59 - "Pizza Three-Way" originally aired 9/18/2014 - segment starts ~10m 45s thru 49m (38 mins). 

Episode #64 - "To The #GamerGate Of Hell" originally aired 11/6/2014 - segment starts ~45m 30s thru 3h 40m (175 mins).

Episode #65 - "Prom Queens of #GamerGate" originally aired 11/13/2014 - segment starts ~30m 15s thru 3h 45m (195 mins).

Episode #66 - "Daddy's Wheat Thins" originally aired 11/27/2014 - segment starts ~13m thru 23m (10 mins). 

Episode #68 - "Kryptonite Butt Plug" originally aired 12/11/2014 - segment starts ~2h 09m 30s thru 3h 37m (88 mins). 

Episode #69 - "Bestbyterians" originally aired 12/18/2014 - segment starts ~3h 00m 20s thru 3h 17m (17 mins).

Episode #73 - "Thud: God of Carboloading" originally aired 1/22/2015 - segment starts ~2h 7m 45s thru 2h 43m (36 mins).

Episode #78 - "Activism's Fattening" originally aired 3/5/2015 - segment starts ~56m 30s thru 2h 18m (82 mins).

Episode #81 - "Pedobear's Favorite Novel" originally aired 3/26/2015  - segment starts ~39m thru 1h 56m (77 mins).

Episode #87 - "Getting Madface About It" originally aired 5/7/2015 - segment starts ~1h 15m thru 2h 25m  (80 mins)

Episode #98 - "The Greatest Terrible Movie Ever" originally aired 8/28/2015 - segment starts 1h 32m thru 3h 24m  (112 mins)

Episode #153 - "Angela Lansbury Fetish" originally aired 8/11/2017 - segment starts 1h 2m thru 1h m16 (14 mins)

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