Friday, August 25, 2017

Episode #155 - "Snowflake Trigger Point" - Show Notes

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Alternate Titles: "The Blind Guy, White Guy, White Chick, Black Dude Show" or "Direpug" or "Age, Death & Cheese"
Unused Alternate Titles:  "Attractive, But Not Eva Green" or "Lost The Fraternal Twin Lottery" or "Spoiler: It's Not Good" or "You Can Fap To Gia" or "She Wasn't Getting Stuffed In A Locker" or "Soulless Ginger Sponge Boys" or "Tindery & Swipey" or "New Slogan is 'Evil'" or "All I See Is Hot" or "Really Sexy Monster Outfits" or "Unrecognizable As An Adult" or "Adult Diapers & 64-Ounce Beverages" or "I Can Barely Task" or "'Who Are These People?' Category" or "Once You Go Quack" or "He Was Black His Entire Life"

TINFOIL SWAN Episode #3-155 Show Notes (exclusively for our Patreon supporters):

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